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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bomb Blast in Modi's Rally

First of all, it is pathetic that people are being killed with no reason at all due to the violent acts of few extremists. That too it is really a pity that in a democracy that people want to disrupt a democratic political rally..whose ever it is. I do not mind. There are few things I want to say. One, I again do not know if it is really done or due to lack of knowledge or may be out of fear of a failure of the grand "Hunkar Rally." Assuming it was done concernedly, I want to appreciate the quick wits of the BJP leaders, my guess is one of them will definitely be Arun Jaitley on making sure that there is no stampede.

But. What if a bomb went off in the midst of the crowd? More lives would have been lost after which the BJP would have gained sympathy. Again, let us assume the leaders thought they were just Diwali bombs and that it would be most horrible to make people panic leading to a stampede. Good! I am also happy by the way Narendra Modi spoke. He is sensible enough not to instill more fear into the minds of the people there and he spoke his stuff and also requested the people to be safe and happy. Very good! They have done a good job in seeing that their rally is a successful event.

What about the police. Do not tell me there is no intelligence report about a possible attack on Modis Rally. I have full faith in two institutions in India. One is the Judiciary (though it is little slow!!). The other is the Intelligence Bureau. I do not again care about how strong the security for NaMo was. He can afford good private security guards too. I want to know about the security given to the people who came to listen to NaMo talk. Why is that the central Home Minister, also one spokesperson for the congress stresses that adequate security is given to Narendra Modi. Why does he not talk about security to the people?

Did the chief minister of Bihar condemn the attack? Maybe he did. Maybe he is too busy with other things like organising a meeting to criticise the government. He is the one who is really responsible because the police comes under a state government power. But why doesn't he aggressively be against the attacks. After all, those he died are his subjects only. He is not the way he was earlier. What is he afraid of? Whose votes is he going to lose if he strongly says such stops should be stopped? It was actually a similar story after the Bodh Gaya blast too!! About the organisation who has done this blast, I don't know what to say to you! By the way, fools!! why those low intensity bombs? Are you nuts? Or you are out of funds?

Finally, the point is that no one is interested in the life of the common man. One wants his rally to be a success. One wants to be safe and unblamable (vote fellow). One wants to show he is perfect!! The other bomb blast guys wants people to die. As many as possible!!! Dudes, no one is interested in our lives. We have to take care of our lives ourselves. Maybe a bomb detector everywhere we go would do?!?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What are you talking Mr. Rahul Gandhi?

Being the chief of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) demands few dignities. At least common sense. When you do not have either of them, it is better to not talk at all. But what Rahul Gandhi, MP, AICC chief and the Prime Ministerial candidate for UPA says generally does not make sense. There have been numerous controversial and humorous statements made by him too. All this leaves us wondering whether this guy is really worthy of representing people in the house of the parliament.

Addressing a rally in Churu, Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi made a statement which went like, "My Grandmother was assassinated, My dad was assassinated, next will be me." Meaningless!! What do you want to say? Whether he meant a good one I do not know. But few of his statements are really irritating. He also said it is very wrong to be angry and also said that he wanted to kill one of the Members of Legislative Assembly fifteen years back. What?!? See, this is the result of heredity! A true leader has to climb up the ranks. He needs to know how it is, how the situation is, how to win, at various stages of politics unlike Rahul gandhi who is born with a silver spoon!
There is a big need for him to learn to speak properly 

Few of his (in)famous statements go like, " It is impossible for us to stop terrorist attacks." What does he mean by such statements? Another most controversial one was about poverty that 'Poverty is not about not having money or shelter. If one has self confidence, he is not poor.' This is not a statement to be made in a poor country like India. One more 'gem' of his statements is "India is the Saudi Arabia of the 21st century." Who compares his country with Saudi Arabia of all the countries!!  

Around about 2009, there was this big issue about Atomic Energy. Our government has signed an understanding with the U.S for some Thorium exports and Uranium imports. India has no Uranium reserves without which Nuclear Energy is not possible but has a lot of Thorium reserves which is a very useful item in Nuclear Fission but useless without the starting material i.e Uranium. Ok. Fine. Even scientists said this is a very good pact.

It happened that Rahul Gandhi was the convener of the Indian cell of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In a promotional event in Hyderabad to create awareness among school children, a scientist asked the students what IAEA stood for. No one could answer. Our young and dynamic leader who was the Chief Guest of that event started answering the question like" Indo-American......" Wow!!

An example of one of his 'brilliant' of course funny speech!

When opposition leaders come from small ranks and are creating a good impression among Indians, this so called young and the "most-eligible" bachelor (really!?!) is bringing a bad name to the country itself. It was proved in one Wikileaks-leaked conversation of his with the American ambassador with who he spoke badly of all Indians!! The problem comes with "Family Heredity" due to which they do not know what we Indians really want!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sulphurous Gold....!!!

If the onion rate rises, you are sure the government's gonna fall!! Such is the usage of onion in our country. Recent events show the prime news being the same( hopefully the result shall be true too!!) But 100 per kilo?!? What has gone wrong? Where? Why this shortage of onion? I actually suggest to stop eating onion( I don't)... best thing!!

Actually, a similar crisis occurred in 1980, 1998, 2010 leading to fall of the then governments!! In fact, Maharashtra which is the leading producer of onion in the country contributes the highest to the GDP of the country! In 2010, the Government took desperate measures to face the problem. We had to ban exports and import onion from our arch rival, Pakistan leading to an agreement for an FDI in our country!! Such is the intensity of onion price in our country.

According to the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee act, the problem came here. In 2010, it was due to less rainfall. But this time, it is over rainfall. This led to destruction of the this khariff crop. Most got destroyed. However, there is a very good output. The argument is that in a few days, the rates will be down. The retail rates are rising because of a "monopoly of wholesale traders" This was regulated by the APMC act. Since the state governments have the power of agricultural reforms, they were asked to control this monopoly.
Of course, this monopoly means the illegal export of onion to foreign countries( atleast in India, there are people who do not eat onion. Abroad, people die without onion and garlic!!)t is her

It is here that the governments of Delhi and Bihar failed. They did not pay heed to this act. Result, onion price in the Union territory of Delhi is Rs.90 and in Patna, it is Rs.100. So, moral..buy onion in bulk from tomorrow till the retail rates come down.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Curtains Down to a Captain's Knock!

Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni would now be gambling for a bowler who will bowl good overs for him in the death and Jaydev Unadkat might be excited because he may be called in for the next match! Yesterday, around 80 overs of team effort was wasted with one over of carelessness. But one thing is now proved...anything is possible with India..our motto, "Chase and let others Chase"!!

Who knows if not Ishant, maybe Vinay Kumar might have given away those runs. But when your leader struggled to bring to the banks your team from 154/6 to 303/9, you have got to have consideration for that beautiful knock and bowl carefully. After all, "Nobody wants to bowl a bad over" as said by Dhoni himself. But this is no reason to justify giving away thirty runs to a bowler. Thank You. Those runs were not given away to Doherty!!

Whether the mistake is Ishant Sharma's magnified error or is the mistake, the unseen poor performance of the other batsmen is to be debated. When an Australian bowler can hit the spearhead of Indian bowling attack, couldn't one Indian batsmen take risk and attack the Australians, atleast Glenn Maxwell!!

Cricket is now a batsmen's game and it is not right to just push the blame on one bowler. This has been happening for a long time. Chetan Sharma giving a six of the last ball to Pakistan being the most famous and recent ones like Irfan Pathan, L.Balaji etc. However, this act of giving away 30 runs that too at a very wrong time is not pardonable too. May be it is time to give rest to Ishant who has been bowling continuously for a long time so that he can return big!! And don't worry people, there are four more matches!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Our" Land of the Rising Sun

"We are a part of India. We are Indians. No one can deny us the right to travel." This is the statement made by the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh after China did not grant a proper visa to two women archers from Arunachal Pradesh. This statement gives me a kind of kick. It is not about a boundary dispute but it is about national integrity. About how all Indians must feel Indian.

After all, a chief minister is the chief representative of the subject's opinion. So, when all the people of Arunachal feel Indian, how stupidly can one think and pin the visas of the athletes without proper stamp. The reason they claim is that these two come from disputed land whose leader indomitably claims the state to be undisputed and claims that it belongs to India! The case is not different from Kashmir. Even here the people feel Indian (Okay, we shall discuss this later!!) Whatever it is, Arunachal Pradesh is an Indian state. No doubts there Ms.China! Don't forget the McMohan line!!

"The Land of the Rising Sun" is what we call Arunachal Pradesh. In Sanskrit, 'Arun' means the Sun. In my view, this far North-East state is the most eco-friendly state in our country. The primary source of income, of course like many other states in the country is Agriculture for this "Orchid State of India." It is home to more than a thousand species of Flora and Fauna. A large variety of birds can also be seen here. I called eco-friendly because electricity is generated in the state by Hydro Projects (maybe there is not much choice here...nevertheless!!) which constitutes a large chunk of Indian Hydro Power generation. Moreover, Arunachal Pradesh has the largest number of regional languages among Indian states. 

However, I feel we must feel the state closer. There are Universities, Polytechnic colleges and a Horticulture college, Cancer Institutes, mountain terrain roads and the recent "first train' in the state all granted by the Central Government of India. But this is not sufficient. I suggest tourism. "Kuch Guzari Hai Gujarat Mein," "Give Time a Break," "God's Own Country" are fine. But for a natural beauty like Arunachal Pradesh which is also called "A Botanist's Paradise," why is that there is no advertisement? Tell the rest of the country...tell all Indians what a beauty A.P is and give good tourist packages (if they are being given already, then spread the word better!!) This shall be the covalent bond among all of us! Spread the name of The Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains further!!