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Saturday, October 26, 2013

What are you talking Mr. Rahul Gandhi?

Being the chief of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) demands few dignities. At least common sense. When you do not have either of them, it is better to not talk at all. But what Rahul Gandhi, MP, AICC chief and the Prime Ministerial candidate for UPA says generally does not make sense. There have been numerous controversial and humorous statements made by him too. All this leaves us wondering whether this guy is really worthy of representing people in the house of the parliament.

Addressing a rally in Churu, Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi made a statement which went like, "My Grandmother was assassinated, My dad was assassinated, next will be me." Meaningless!! What do you want to say? Whether he meant a good one I do not know. But few of his statements are really irritating. He also said it is very wrong to be angry and also said that he wanted to kill one of the Members of Legislative Assembly fifteen years back. What?!? See, this is the result of heredity! A true leader has to climb up the ranks. He needs to know how it is, how the situation is, how to win, at various stages of politics unlike Rahul gandhi who is born with a silver spoon!
There is a big need for him to learn to speak properly 

Few of his (in)famous statements go like, " It is impossible for us to stop terrorist attacks." What does he mean by such statements? Another most controversial one was about poverty that 'Poverty is not about not having money or shelter. If one has self confidence, he is not poor.' This is not a statement to be made in a poor country like India. One more 'gem' of his statements is "India is the Saudi Arabia of the 21st century." Who compares his country with Saudi Arabia of all the countries!!  

Around about 2009, there was this big issue about Atomic Energy. Our government has signed an understanding with the U.S for some Thorium exports and Uranium imports. India has no Uranium reserves without which Nuclear Energy is not possible but has a lot of Thorium reserves which is a very useful item in Nuclear Fission but useless without the starting material i.e Uranium. Ok. Fine. Even scientists said this is a very good pact.

It happened that Rahul Gandhi was the convener of the Indian cell of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In a promotional event in Hyderabad to create awareness among school children, a scientist asked the students what IAEA stood for. No one could answer. Our young and dynamic leader who was the Chief Guest of that event started answering the question like" Indo-American......" Wow!!

An example of one of his 'brilliant' of course funny speech!

When opposition leaders come from small ranks and are creating a good impression among Indians, this so called young and the "most-eligible" bachelor (really!?!) is bringing a bad name to the country itself. It was proved in one Wikileaks-leaked conversation of his with the American ambassador with who he spoke badly of all Indians!! The problem comes with "Family Heredity" due to which they do not know what we Indians really want!