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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bomb Blast in Modi's Rally

First of all, it is pathetic that people are being killed with no reason at all due to the violent acts of few extremists. That too it is really a pity that in a democracy that people want to disrupt a democratic political rally..whose ever it is. I do not mind. There are few things I want to say. One, I again do not know if it is really done or due to lack of knowledge or may be out of fear of a failure of the grand "Hunkar Rally." Assuming it was done concernedly, I want to appreciate the quick wits of the BJP leaders, my guess is one of them will definitely be Arun Jaitley on making sure that there is no stampede.

But. What if a bomb went off in the midst of the crowd? More lives would have been lost after which the BJP would have gained sympathy. Again, let us assume the leaders thought they were just Diwali bombs and that it would be most horrible to make people panic leading to a stampede. Good! I am also happy by the way Narendra Modi spoke. He is sensible enough not to instill more fear into the minds of the people there and he spoke his stuff and also requested the people to be safe and happy. Very good! They have done a good job in seeing that their rally is a successful event.

What about the police. Do not tell me there is no intelligence report about a possible attack on Modis Rally. I have full faith in two institutions in India. One is the Judiciary (though it is little slow!!). The other is the Intelligence Bureau. I do not again care about how strong the security for NaMo was. He can afford good private security guards too. I want to know about the security given to the people who came to listen to NaMo talk. Why is that the central Home Minister, also one spokesperson for the congress stresses that adequate security is given to Narendra Modi. Why does he not talk about security to the people?

Did the chief minister of Bihar condemn the attack? Maybe he did. Maybe he is too busy with other things like organising a meeting to criticise the government. He is the one who is really responsible because the police comes under a state government power. But why doesn't he aggressively be against the attacks. After all, those he died are his subjects only. He is not the way he was earlier. What is he afraid of? Whose votes is he going to lose if he strongly says such stops should be stopped? It was actually a similar story after the Bodh Gaya blast too!! About the organisation who has done this blast, I don't know what to say to you! By the way, fools!! why those low intensity bombs? Are you nuts? Or you are out of funds?

Finally, the point is that no one is interested in the life of the common man. One wants his rally to be a success. One wants to be safe and unblamable (vote fellow). One wants to show he is perfect!! The other bomb blast guys wants people to die. As many as possible!!! Dudes, no one is interested in our lives. We have to take care of our lives ourselves. Maybe a bomb detector everywhere we go would do?!?