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Friday, January 31, 2014

How To Dig your Own Grave?!!

I have three beautiful answers. These are spoil proof in increasing order and will give perfect results.

Go to the nearest shop selling construction items, ask for a crowbar and a Jemmy, look for a nice area in your neighbourhood, draw a 7*6 box and start digging it off!
This is the first and the routine, boring protocol one can follow.

Stop whatever job you are doing, sit at home for a month and use this time to plan a jewelry robbery. After one month, break into a jewelry shop, loot away all that you can!! Believe me, I give you ten days before your grave is ready!! Gold is one thing people are not going to say, "Hey, let it go!!" Why, in kerala for example, containing gold is considered so great that one cannot get married without gold!
Seriously, what kind of idiots go for this mindless jewelry robbery. Technically, it is very difficult to dispose off the stolen gold and is very easy to track the gold!!
Forget the technicality, historically too, take Hyderabad for example. In 2006, people came from Bihar, planned a robbery from Alukkas in Panjagutta, did it in style and got caught in a while! In 2010 I guess, the watchman of Chhaganlal jewelers in Abids with the help of aides broke into his own shop to see his own end! Now, few youths tried to do away with a huge loot from Tanishq jewelers. Got caught in two days. Yuck. Your grave is completed your majesty!
When are these people going to learn. If you want to steal jewelry, the best way to do it is snatching. Cheap and best. No sitting at home. No lazy planning. Go out onto the roads and practice!!

Probably the above two are time taking and pain staking. This is the best and the easiest. Watch how Rahul Gandhi responds in an interview. How he pushes/pulls(how do I put it??) himself to a corner. How he gives the interviewer/opposition an opportunity to criticise him. How he 'digs' out history, a history that is not in his favour!! This method is funny too!!
You can see how he only gave the practised answers, never talking beyond that. For around 12 minutes in the interview below, he was telling the same thing. He could give not one single straight answer and his colleagues are trying to justify his statements. Great!! Did they not know he was happily busy in digging a grave. This one not a 7*6 large but large enough for his entire crew!!
C'mon this is not prime minister stuff. Of course I cannot say this with the kind of Prime Minister serving us at present!!

                                            See the difference in both the speeches above!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Charles Kettering...Life Saver!!

Date: November 13, 2013
Time: 2017 hours
Place: Indiranagar-Kondapur-Miyapur-Linagampally belt, Hyderabad

For the first time in my life, I went out on to a very busy road on gear bike at night! That is not the point. The point is, it was a bloodily-peak traffic time. Yeah, this is routine in Hyderabad but not for me, not on a motorbike! I have been driving gear-less bikes fearlessly on the same roads for many years now and I am quite comfortable in any condition of traffic. But this was very very different!!

The traffic was so severe (or I think I felt it that way!!) that I had no time to even shift gears beyond the first. I could have used the second easily say my friends...I do not know. I had no first hand experience too back then and obviously I had no choice. The bike too had no choice but to keep stopping quite few times!!

Frustrated, it was at this juncture that I told my friend sitting pillion to me, who was as good as I was in driving on such roads, that I would put the picture of the inventor of the SWITCH START!!, whoever it was as my profile picture of my facebook account once I reopen the account after 5 months ( I decided not to open my account from the U.S.Open last year to the Australian Open this year!!)
Gave a kick start to my life with the switch-start!!

Thank You Charles.F.Kettering for inventing the switch start. I know and can tell out of experience what a difference you made to the world!! This is just one of his great inventions! There are many other benefitial things like refrigerants, light weight engines, leaded fuel etc.. I do not care about the other inventions for now and I sincerely thank him for the switch start and hence this picture!
He founded the Delco company and holds close to 200 patents. I hope to become such an inventor cum entrepreneur like him. Of course there is Thomas.Alva.Edison too but he was not my life saver!!  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saina Sailing..Nadal Anchored!!

Okayy...I told Wawrinka has a great time ahead in his career. But I did not mean that it should come at Nadal's costl!! Very disappointing. Even though one can give excuses like the hand injury that became serious for Nadal. So much that he could not even reach Wawrinka's service. But no excuses!! It is okay..RG is RN's anyway!! No problem. Good start by Nadal. He will get two grands this year too!! Just wait!

Meanwile, in badminton, Saina has, after what..15 months, since October 2012 has won a grand slam!! I am a super fan of hers right from her Indonesian Open victory five years back!! Great player and person!! I even promised a party to my friends had she emerged on the top of rankings but they just missed it as she never went above second rank! No problem. Great start by Saina. She will win more series 'super'ly!!

Little good and little bad republic day for me. No problem. I met the chief minister and the governor of my state, Andhra Pradesh! Went to the tea party by the governor for public at Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad. Good experience. Enjoyed it. I did the parking for our car! Not a great achievement but it is not everyday that you park your car in the Governors garage!!

Celebrations together!!
Happy Republic Day!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Set for Sampras and the curious case of Joe Bloggs!!

As a swiss sensation who raised to fame by defeating Andy Murray in the U.S open (Murray won just the previous year!! So...calling him a worthy opponent!)  last year fought hard this year to beat the champion at his fortress in a quite thrilling five setter, I think the road ahead for the Spain bull is clear and he is inches away from his fourteenth grand slam. Of course I did not forget Roger. Yes, I am a Rafa fan! But clearly he has the form and edge too!!

I would love a Roger-Rafa final but it can at maximum be a semi final. Whatever it is, I hope they both meet. Long time since I have seen them play in a grand slam!! I think the last time was in the 2012 semis here at Melbourne!!??
Special credits to Stan Wawrinka for thumping the defending champion, Novak in a tough match. Some of the shots Stan played were super beauties and his stamina is also pretty good. Better times ahead for this guy!!
I would love to see Nadal equaling Pete Sampras's number of grand slams. He is fresh from his win in the first week of the year at Doha.... Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

On the other end of the globe in Paris...in a super specialty hospital, a legend of another sport is forced into coma. " If survived, Micheal Schumacher will not be Schumacher" said the doctor. Interesting subject for a medical student. Parts of his brain would be replaced by the one of a Mr.Joe Bloggs or so I heard. Interesting!! But if that is done, Schumacher would be dead without the world realising it!!

Well, like many others, I too thought that Joe Bloggs was a person. And like many other times, I am mistaken. Joe Bloggs or Fred Bloggs is a placeholder name used in Europe. It is like Ramesh and Suresh in our five star advertisement. Just a name to say that Schumacher will no longer be Schumi. He will be a common man. He might start following Formula One like thousands others forgetting that he was a champion once before. That would be good in a sense. He can start a new life without thinking about his past glory. Who nows he might rule the world in this new odyssey.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Don't Make Promises YOU can't keep!!

YOU campaign against the corrupt chief minister promising that YOU will sue her and win. You are sworn in as the chief minister, YOU are asked what actions YOU would take against the old corrupt Chief Minister, YOU say, "Let the BJP bring strong evidence against Shiela Dixit and then we shall take action against her!!" Good, very good. Maybe YOU is or maybe YOU is not, but you do not look good!! Anupam Kher thinks so too!!

True. YOU included only middle class promises in the manifesto because Delhi has a majority of middle class people. Mostly Bank Employees, call center agents, political peons. But YOU have clearly forgotten that Delhi has poor people and rich people too. Sanitation, Water, Electricity, Road transport are all fine. But what about employment? Daily necessities? Lowering prices? Industries around Delhi? Cleanliness? Economy? Terrorism? Clearly, a middle class wooing manifesto and a big name after the thunderous Anna Hazare movement. But, are these enough for YOU to be decided the ruler?
Jan Lokpal was YOUr trump card. YOU promised jan lokpal by 29 December and later said fifteen days after coming to power. Nothing happened. Flop! Commando force(joke!) for women security. Flop!! Janata Darbar..Flop!!! As a matter of fact, Janata Darbars are there in many states. Bihar was the most successful state in organising them. Nothing wrong in learning from Bihar. YOU said no to Government Bungalow and took a Duplex house elsewhere. Controversial!! Flop! Flop! Flop!! All YOUr ideas are flops. Promising a good future is not enough. YOU should live in the present!!
lesson.1: Don't make promises YOU can't keep

20,000 litres of water for free to all in Delhi. But that's only for those who have a water meter, the middle class of course!! Can the middle class not afford 200 rupees per month? Instead give those 20,000 litres to industries. They will lighten up lives!! YOU said no to red beacons, went to swearing in ceremony in Metro. Nice publicity stints. But YOU do not realise the nuisance that you create to the police due to these decisions..stupid decisions!!  Now this mistreatment of women too?!!?
YOU have come with an agenda. An Aam Admi agenda. When YOU being in the decision making seat cannot take any small decision without taking opinion polls, it clearly shows YOU go the majority way.
Not always is the majority right.
I took membership in Aam Admi Party before elections in Delhi for 10 rupees and now that I fear the same scenario as in the tamil movie, "Ko", I want my 10 rupees back!!

If you are really honest, you are ignorant and innocent!
If you are really dishonest, you are very very intelligent!

Anyway UPA/NDA/AAP/ uska Baap - ultimately it is not YOU but WE, the people of India who suffer due to any bad decision even if it is taken with a good intention!! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crawling through the rise and fall of Delhi emporers !!

Last December, I wrote a lot about policies and politics. This has been mostly because Delhi and its politics have been the central focus of the entire media and I had no job to do other than read the newspapers in my winter vacation. I also visited Delhi and met a "beauty" I have known for quite sometime with who I have fallen in love very recently. This beauty also had been following the happenings in Delhi since, maybe the mid eighteenth century!! Ah! the beauty I am talking about is "Chandni Chowk," the moon-lit square. I call it the 'beehive of Delhi' for it is always busy and bustling with activity and is swarmed by people flocking the box like shops and eateries!!

The Jain Mandir opposite Red Fort

Curious after my visit to this wonderful place, I browsed for and read a book, 'Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research,' by P.N.Oak in which he talked about Delhi and old Delhi in particular. This book is worth reading and gives a lot of insight about India even though some articles are very hard to believe! The author also mentioned about the Red Fort, supposedly built by Shah Jahan. He said that Prithviraj Chauhan, the ruler of Ajmer and Delhi lived in lal-kot on the banks of River Yamuna much before Shah Jahan (yes! the same lal-quila/Red Fort. The author claims that the latter became famous due to Mughal/Urdu influence). Apparently, red fort is full of Rajput architecture (Ex: Elephant statues at the entrance). The red fort stands facing this "busiest market in India." And according to Oak, there was a guy from Mongolia, Taimurlang ( this guy bettered the art of cruelty than Allauddin Khilji!!) who invaded Delhi, massacred people (it took decades for Delhi to recover) and then wrote about Delhi including Red Fort and Chandni Chowk. This fellow was from the late 14th century and Shah Jahan was from the late 16th century!!

Chandni Chowk(??)
The history is fine but I am interested in the geography of the congested wholesale market which the Red Fort stands overlooking!!
What is so special about this Chandni Chowk that I loved it so much is the following.

One: The skinny gallies (streets)
Two: The millions of shops that fit in a single street
Three: Rabdi in the paratha galli where you could slip in for a bite. This street has hundreds of paratha and sweet shops!
Four: The electric bazaar( I want to live here for once in my life, atleast)..Again for someone aspiring to become an entrepreneur like me, the way business is held in this small area is astounding!!

The streets are so thin that they are good enough only for two bikes together. No cars of course!
The variety of parathas, the custard apple chutney, Rabdi, Kachori, Namkeen lassi, the small streets in which there are hundreds of electric shops and most importantly the GAP and Tommy Hilfiger hoodies sold on the street side are very much attractive!! Shop keepers will ofcourse pull you into their shops..if you are male, into a suitings shop, if you are female, into any shop!! By the way, this is just along one street which I came across!!
Even for the religious types, there is a Jain Mandir, an age old Shiv Mandir and a Gurudwara. At all these places, the free prasad is simply superbbb. I went into the Gurubwara thrice for the prasad!!
This area has a lot to offer for tourists including pollution. Nevertheless, its fun to roam on such a busy area. Just make sure it is not a very hot day! There is a metro station for your convenience too!

Anyway, this historical Delhi beauty is a must-visit for all Indians. If you get a chance, go. If you do not get a chance, create one!P.N Oak titled ‘Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research.’P.N Oak titled ‘Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research.’ P.N Oak titled ‘Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research.’

Monday, January 6, 2014

What a Start!!

Happy new year people!!
A beautiful start this year for me. I passed in all the subjects in my last semester. I started trying to fulfill my new year resolution and I hear, if not all, mostly good news!
Two brilliant news pieces.

One. We have launched GSLV(Geo Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) successfully using completely indigenous technology. For years we did not have the proper cryogenic technology and the developed nations never shared that technology with us. Finally, like how we proved our self sustainability through 'Chandrayaan,' we could finally build our own GSLV. Recently I was talking to an American space scientist about India in space science and he was showing pity on us for not being able to produce proper GSLVs. Now I show him this piece of news. Hello sir!!

Ah! the other grand opening this year is a little distance towards the west to India. At Doha, the 'Spain Bull,' Rafael Nadal has won the Qatar Open by defeating Gael Monfils in the final. This is the first time he has won a tournament in the opening week of the year!!

So, many firsts...beautiful start...wait for LEGEN many other good DARY posts too!!