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Friday, November 28, 2014

Let the Sportive Spirit be High!!

Another tragedy hit the sporting community. It is indeed very sad and painful that a young cricketer has lost his life for the love of the game, during the game. Most shocking for the bowler because of this unfortunate event. Philip Hughes has been a very promising cricketer. The injury is a complicated one and I hope, like Farhan Akthar who tweeted the same, for mental peace of Sean Abbott who bowled the bouncer which proved to be deadly for Phil, the Australian south-paw. The video is extremely disturbing and it is in one sense nice to know that medical attention was provided immediately to him.

This is a blow to humanity. Sports have kept many countries in a friendly rivalry, have in most cases avoided wars, though sometimes they did start wars. But sports is a main tool to being friendly. That is the use of sports. Sports should never be considered a religion because they are better than religions. If religion defies science, sports in every sense follow science. As a student of physics, I am pretty awed by the physics of sports, be it cricket, football or FormulaOne. I am a Rafael Nadal fan. His play is what makes me friends with hundreds others in the world who are his fans. Makes me discuss and debate with thousands others who are Roger Federer's fans. But the common thing we have is, we love tennis, we love sports. This spirit should remain in our hearts. In our blood.

For the love of cricket!

Last year, a cricketer died. This year another. More so in F1. Jules Bianchi is still in a critical condition after his accident in Japan in early October. Such unfortunate incidents should only bring us closer to sports, and to each other than to keep us away from playing. Yes, the question about safety occurs. Why do we play with a hard cricket ball? Why do we not have a regulation on the speed of the car while racing. etc.. But no, it is not about playing cricket in a space suit. People have to be careful, yes. There should be protection. Maximum possible protection. But all these should not scare us from playing. Here, the stress is on playing. Terrible incidents happen, but we must find out ways to come out of them and keep on playing.

Outside my window in my hostel is a Eucalyptus tree which was felled to construct a bund. The tree fell in an inclination on to a rock and it was left there itself. The leaves, due to lack of nutrients and water dried up and became yellow and then brown. All this time, I have been observing the tree. I thought that is it, land of Ayurveda lost a wonderful medicinal tree. But then, a new plant started growing beside the felled one. Dying ones fade away and new ones spring. But then, two months later, I was shocked in a nice way, to see tiny green leaves on the tree. I thought they belonged to some other tree. They did not. They belonged to the same Eucalyptus which was felled. It took its time, waited patiently, dug its roots deep into the ground again and pulled water and nutrition. Yes, this is a true story.

Felled...but not fallen!!

Hughes might die and Raman Lamba might perish, Ayrton Senna might die and Jules Bianchi might be still unconscious! Micheal Schumacher might have forgotten who Schumi is!! But we must remember. They all loved the game, lived the game and still living in the form of the "sportive SPIRIT"
Let the sportive spirit live long and high, just like the Eucalyptus!! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Meanwhile in F1

A lot in the week. If it was about Rohit Sharma and his brilliant double double ton in the country, about chess and Viswananthan Anand in the continent or the ATP tour finals in the world. It has been a busy and wonderful week for sports fans world wide. Apart from these, a very interesting season of formula one is also one. Right from beginning it has been close. Unlike the last few years where there has been not so much close racing, it is very neck to neck this year. And that too from team mates.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have never been a friendly pair for Mercedes team. Hamilton has already won a world championship but is junior to Rosberg at Mercedes. Naturally there is a rivalry instead of friendship and I have never seen them complimenting each other. All this reminds me of Alan Prost and Ayrton Senna at McLaren. Well, there is something with McLaren. Hamilton has won the world championship in 2008 at McLaren. But he came second in 2007.


The last race is round the corner. At Abu Dhabi. Every body is busy preparing for it very seriously. For some time now, the F1 rules have allowed double points for the point winning ten positions. Nico Rosberg, who is 17 points behind Hamilton should win the grand prix and hope Hamilton comes third lest he feel worse for losing by just three points. But it happens. Last year even Sebastian Vettel have won closely. But of all, what surprises me the most is Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso performances. I guess, they are not given proper cars with the new rules. I can only hope Ferrari gets better soon by the next year and win the championship!

And by the way, Alonso should finish atleast two places ahead of Vettel to beat him in position atleast!! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Kiss of Love!!..??

In the southern most state of a country belonging to the Northern hemisphere, India, the most multi-ethnic country on the Earth, where people are punished for lighting candles on the festival of lights, a couple was beaten up for hugging and kissing in a public dhabha which led to protests against 'moral policing,' very prominent in India. While standing up against beating people, this public kissing reminds me of a telugu movie, Ye Maaya Chesave in which the hero and heroine are separated for a brief period and again meet, not in India but in New York. A dialogue the hero says then is, "This is not India, we can kiss in public." A movie naturally reflects the society and its behaviour. Are we really ready to all of a sudden accept people coming out and kissing?

Agreed, the country should be socialised. How to talk, laugh, teach, dispose waste, welcome guests. This is our culture. Whilst I am happy many people now accept this, there are some people who turned violent. We are part of the most tolerant and flexible religion, not a muscle flexing religion. We say Athidhi Devo Bhava but how well are we welcoming guests in our country and giving them nice hospitality? We also say Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava and Acharya Devo Bhava thus equating parents and teachers to being the supreme. How much are we respecting them? The greatness of India and its culture can be told in terms of its accommodating capabilities. Many western ideas have been incorporated into Indian thinking. Best example, the adoption of English Calender and days into Hindu Calender. In that case we should seriously have a discussion about how to socialise the nation in accordance with the international situation. One should not walk on Indian roads with folded hands and bent head whereas in, say, Germany with hands over a girl's shoulder. Being a Roman in Rome is fine but in what sense should also be thought of.
How right is it to use the public toilets, throw waste in waste bins and buy ticket for using public transport in the United States but do exactly the opposite in India!!?? H.E.Dr.Abdul Kalam requested every Indian exactly the same.

An Urgent need for socialising the country!!

That apart, maybe, as we socialise ourselves, in due course of time, probably, kissing in public might not be considered an offense. But it is now. I don't think breaking rules and defying law comes under socialisation. According to the present society and its thinking, kissing in public is still not digested and people are uncomfortable with such incidents. In the presence of kissers, others might feel really uncomfortable, irrespective of age. And then there are children. Whatever we do, we talk about future generation! Be it pollution, resource management or scientific discoveries. Children should be free to talk, play, laugh and most importantly, be curious. What answer can a parent give to HEM curious children when asked about obscene scenes. There are definitely certain things every age group should not and does not want to watch. Why else is there a censor board in the country? We, the young people are okay with anything. However, just as the violent moral policing groups cannot impose their 'no-kiss in public idea', we cannot impose our 'kiss in public' idea! Is anyone really bothered what young couples are doing in parks in the evenings? In fact there is a section in every 'public' park where the moral police can find enough people to fight a battle. There are certain areas where public display is uncomfortable to others. Not me, who is okay with it, not someone who is not, let the country decide if it is ready and is fine with such actions. Let there be a proper definition for freedom in public. This only comes with socialisation.

I was shocked to know that the protesters were detained, not for kissing but for not taking permission. The High Court of Kerala apparently said it does not mind kissing in public when the law says otherwise. In western countries, kissing in public may not be an offense, but they have their own ways of curbing such activities. In fact, there are kissing protests in countries like Chile and Canada for things like fee hike. That we in India used kissing protest, though illegal and aggressive, against moral policing is a step towards freedom. When the Prime Minister himself is taking excerpts from Hollywood movies for his speeches, there is nothing wrong in asking for freedom to express love. I do not say that those who feel this is right should mobilise people, win seats in the legislature and change laws. No! Just because one is in a position of power cannot make his ideology a law. Let the society think, discuss and debate as to what is culture, what is the limit of love expression in public, etc.. till then, don't kiss protest in public without permission.

A protest against G20 and G8 summit
I am still wondering as to who is responsible, the media? the protesters? or the society for successfully shifting focus from discussing about Moral Policing to discussion about whether kissing in public is right or wrong?!!?
And by the way, my friend says this is how an 80-year old thinks but not a 20-year old. For you my friend, the following
20-year old or 120-year old, one must think rationally and logically!!