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Friday, November 28, 2014

Let the Sportive Spirit be High!!

Another tragedy hit the sporting community. It is indeed very sad and painful that a young cricketer has lost his life for the love of the game, during the game. Most shocking for the bowler because of this unfortunate event. Philip Hughes has been a very promising cricketer. The injury is a complicated one and I hope, like Farhan Akthar who tweeted the same, for mental peace of Sean Abbott who bowled the bouncer which proved to be deadly for Phil, the Australian south-paw. The video is extremely disturbing and it is in one sense nice to know that medical attention was provided immediately to him.

This is a blow to humanity. Sports have kept many countries in a friendly rivalry, have in most cases avoided wars, though sometimes they did start wars. But sports is a main tool to being friendly. That is the use of sports. Sports should never be considered a religion because they are better than religions. If religion defies science, sports in every sense follow science. As a student of physics, I am pretty awed by the physics of sports, be it cricket, football or FormulaOne. I am a Rafael Nadal fan. His play is what makes me friends with hundreds others in the world who are his fans. Makes me discuss and debate with thousands others who are Roger Federer's fans. But the common thing we have is, we love tennis, we love sports. This spirit should remain in our hearts. In our blood.

For the love of cricket!

Last year, a cricketer died. This year another. More so in F1. Jules Bianchi is still in a critical condition after his accident in Japan in early October. Such unfortunate incidents should only bring us closer to sports, and to each other than to keep us away from playing. Yes, the question about safety occurs. Why do we play with a hard cricket ball? Why do we not have a regulation on the speed of the car while racing. etc.. But no, it is not about playing cricket in a space suit. People have to be careful, yes. There should be protection. Maximum possible protection. But all these should not scare us from playing. Here, the stress is on playing. Terrible incidents happen, but we must find out ways to come out of them and keep on playing.

Outside my window in my hostel is a Eucalyptus tree which was felled to construct a bund. The tree fell in an inclination on to a rock and it was left there itself. The leaves, due to lack of nutrients and water dried up and became yellow and then brown. All this time, I have been observing the tree. I thought that is it, land of Ayurveda lost a wonderful medicinal tree. But then, a new plant started growing beside the felled one. Dying ones fade away and new ones spring. But then, two months later, I was shocked in a nice way, to see tiny green leaves on the tree. I thought they belonged to some other tree. They did not. They belonged to the same Eucalyptus which was felled. It took its time, waited patiently, dug its roots deep into the ground again and pulled water and nutrition. Yes, this is a true story.

Felled...but not fallen!!

Hughes might die and Raman Lamba might perish, Ayrton Senna might die and Jules Bianchi might be still unconscious! Micheal Schumacher might have forgotten who Schumi is!! But we must remember. They all loved the game, lived the game and still living in the form of the "sportive SPIRIT"
Let the sportive spirit live long and high, just like the Eucalyptus!! 

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