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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I miss you!

A wise man once said, you don't realise that you love someone until 'you let her go'! Very poetic, nothing more was the first thought. But turns out that it is absolutely true. Or maybe the both of us were so together that I did not for 'two minutes' think that we would be separated. Anywhere I went, I knew I could be with you. Anytime in the day or night I was sure you were there for me. But now its all gone!!

Sad part is I could not even say a goodbye. Fate has taken you away so fast. But wherever you are, please do not forget that I am waiting for you. And I promise that when you get back, I am not letting you go. I don't care if you have one bad quality. I only see all those other wonderful things you possess. Its okay if you wear a lot of make up or if you don't at all, it is what that is inside that interest me. You are like a diamond for me. Yes, unless a diamond is polished a lot, it has no value. You are likewise. Who ever said you are bad? And why could I not say all this to you before? I feel bad for not confessing my love to you when you were with me. Now you are gone. Will you ever come back? I have no count of those difficult times you got me through. Please come back so I can at least thank you.

I would give anything for you to come back. And when you do come back,I am not letting you go. I do know that there are many others who like you and who would want to confess their love for you. Some might already have told out their love to you. But trust me, no body loves you like I do. There might so many others out there. But somehow I feel I cannot love someone like I loved you. You are the best. I am so desperate for you that soon, if you don't come to me, I might come in search of you. Wherever you are, any state or country, I will find you. Mumbai or Milan, Delhi or Dallas, I will come!

I am sure you like me too. Why else would you be with me on those wonderful trips to Ponmudi in Kerala and Mussorie in Uttharakhand! Now, if I go to those places, your memories are definitely going to haunt me. Don't do this to me and lakhs of other people. The empty shelves in supermarkets are also waiting for you. They are reluctant to let any others to take your place too.
Miss you maggi. We all know you'll come back strong.

A college hostler

Saturday, June 13, 2015

One of the worst things!

Mahati went about her daily chores. Wake up an hour after the alarm ring, get ready to slog for ten hours in a crammed cubicle in a centrally air conditioned building which largely smelled of coffee from the cafeteria. She made sure she got her lunch box, lest she has to spend seventy rupees on a muffin. She also made sure she wore the right shoes so that she would not slip on the highly polished floor in her office.

In the quarter hour she managed to get to grab a bite, she finished her lunch. She had no option to sit down and relish the taste of every morsel of food. She, however made sure she did not waste any food. She ate to the last piece carefully. "There are millions of people who don't get this one tiny box of food for an entire day," she thought. "Every farmer when he gets the harvest to his hand, feels one thing more than anything else. He is not worried about how much profit he gets. All he is worried is whether his hard work would be useful for some purpose or will it go waste? Profit, he might get a lot sometimes. Sometimes, he might not. He just have to understand the demand of the market. But will his sweat-child feed people? Or will the harvest lay wasted in those useless go-downs? Will it be enjoyed by those disease infecting rodents?" Mahati felt an increased respect for farmers in the country. Their love for the land and its gift to humankind. "This is definitely the mindset of an average farmer. His hardship should never go wasted. We should consume only how much ever we need. Not a bit more, not necessarily a bit less!"

She looked around in the dining area. People got food from the cafeteria in trays, filling them with a plethora of the non-local food they could find. Mahati observed that nobody ate fully. A farmer's heart is welling up somewhere in this world, she thought. Wasting food is one of the worst things man can ever do. It should be considered a sin. Maybe, wastage should be made a part of gluttony as the seventh deadly sin. It should be propagated well by the world leaders. Every religious and scientific text talks about the importance of food. Why don't people see the greatness and the difficulty in germination, in growth? It is very easy to throw away food. You need not check the soil condition, need not worry about manure, rain, irrigation, pests. You need not constantly monitor the food when you throw it away. You just drop your food in the bin with no second thoughts. "Well, yeah India now has the highest number of hungry people. They could be fed if the food is not wasted in such huge amounts. If the wastage in a small cafeteria itself is so huge, what about big restaurants, marriage ceremonies and even those silly birthdays which are celebrated as grandly as the independence day celebrations! There is enough to feed everyone in the world. Only that everybody does not get the access! There is one password. Money!," thought Mahati and left the place furiously.

"On the top of all this, the most disgusting thing is that, those who waste food do so in the confidence that there is always somebody or the other who will accept those leftovers. That is pathetic. That kind of thinking should definitely change" concluded Mahati as she traveled to her flat. She saw her roommate and asked what they should do for dinner. She got one immediate reply.
"First, throw the leftovers in the rice cooker from lunch to some dog!!"

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Super-rich telugu movies

There is a flurry of new trailers in Tollywood, the telugu film industry. All the major movies look very rich or have a lot of graphics.All the 'big' actors seem to be acting in very high budget movies. Also any role involving those actors come with rich, with brand new bikes, cars, high-end restaurants and shopping places. Probably doing a movie involving the common man is out of their league and new, small actors seem to have shouldered that responsibility. If this is the trend, it is sad and bad.

A latest movie involving the superstar of the industry is titled, "Wealthy Man." According to the trailer at least, the protagonist seems to be a super rich guy who is bored of all the material pleasures and goes to some village. There he is seen in v-necks, riding a bicycle, again a very expensive one. Just the location changed. Not the richness. Not only this movie, for quite a long time, almost every movie involving 'big' heroes have shown them as a billionaire philanthropist type guys. Even if the story needed a middle class set up, it was only the creamy layer of the middle class. Probably the hero would be a software engineer or an architect which are the 'rich-middle class jobs.'

None of the present generation heroes appear as auto-rickshaw drivers or daily wage laborers or even as bank clerks unlike their previous generation which entered the film industry with practically no background. In fact, today's heroes cannot play any role which is not rich because they do not know how it is not to be rich. They were born with a silver spoon if not with a golden or platinum one. All the acting experience they acquire is from those acting schools which charge a lot of money and employ well known actors to teach acting. It is however, impossible to teach things like poverty, hunger and employment. They are to be experienced. No other way.

Of course, one cannot blame the film makers for showing what the majority audiences really want. The larger portion of the audience is the middle class. No middle class person would want to see their lives again on the screen. They want to see what they want to be. Living in huge flats, driving sedans and dining in five star restaurants. Even the 'poor' audience are not interested to see what the real society is. Everybody seems to be longing to be how their favorite hero/heroine is: rich, fair and beautiful. No body is interested to see their most revered hero to be like how they are: poor and routine looking. 
There is no movie which makes people feel that the lead role is from their neighborhood. People are living in a virtual reality. The definition of reality itself is a tough and complicated one. There is no explanation for a virtual reality!