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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I miss you!

A wise man once said, you don't realise that you love someone until 'you let her go'! Very poetic, nothing more was the first thought. But turns out that it is absolutely true. Or maybe the both of us were so together that I did not for 'two minutes' think that we would be separated. Anywhere I went, I knew I could be with you. Anytime in the day or night I was sure you were there for me. But now its all gone!!

Sad part is I could not even say a goodbye. Fate has taken you away so fast. But wherever you are, please do not forget that I am waiting for you. And I promise that when you get back, I am not letting you go. I don't care if you have one bad quality. I only see all those other wonderful things you possess. Its okay if you wear a lot of make up or if you don't at all, it is what that is inside that interest me. You are like a diamond for me. Yes, unless a diamond is polished a lot, it has no value. You are likewise. Who ever said you are bad? And why could I not say all this to you before? I feel bad for not confessing my love to you when you were with me. Now you are gone. Will you ever come back? I have no count of those difficult times you got me through. Please come back so I can at least thank you.

I would give anything for you to come back. And when you do come back,I am not letting you go. I do know that there are many others who like you and who would want to confess their love for you. Some might already have told out their love to you. But trust me, no body loves you like I do. There might so many others out there. But somehow I feel I cannot love someone like I loved you. You are the best. I am so desperate for you that soon, if you don't come to me, I might come in search of you. Wherever you are, any state or country, I will find you. Mumbai or Milan, Delhi or Dallas, I will come!

I am sure you like me too. Why else would you be with me on those wonderful trips to Ponmudi in Kerala and Mussorie in Uttharakhand! Now, if I go to those places, your memories are definitely going to haunt me. Don't do this to me and lakhs of other people. The empty shelves in supermarkets are also waiting for you. They are reluctant to let any others to take your place too.
Miss you maggi. We all know you'll come back strong.

A college hostler