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Friday, July 31, 2015

Making a Live-able Planet!

The eligibility criteria for awarding a BharatRatna is still not properly defined and is ambiguous. Existing rules are being bent to give this award. But if we really want to assign a set of qualities one should possess for being awarded BharatRatna, with very less doubt a bodily shape can be given to those characters. His Excellence Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam might not be possessing the flesh part but the body form of his is eternal and is filled only with good words and deeds making him the most precious BharatRatna. What better can people like me ask for than us growing up on his stories and interacting with him!

The thing he most loved..what a smile!
That was a proud day for the entire nation. October 22, 2008 was the day when Chandrayaan-I was launched. It is so far the best day ever in my life. I watched the launch and interacted with Dr.Kalam both and I dream to become a space scientist. The funny but proud thing is that I explained about rockets to this wonderful rocket scientist. He listened carefully. Then he asked, "What is your aim?" I replied. "Abhishek sir." He laughed and said, "Not name, your aim" rising his fist firmly like he always did. I said shyly, "I want to be a space scientist." He left, appreciating me. I decided there and then that I would utter out my dream than my name. That is his influence. Not just a sentence but an impression. A clear one. 'You must think of nothing else. Only your dream!'

Any talk he gave, any place he went, he never forget to remember his teachers. He gave everyone his/her due credit. What an influence he is for the world. How difficult is it going to be to replace him! Difficult, yes but not impossible.Who ever said he cannot be replaced? He laid a path. Strong with concrete. All we need to do is traverse along that path, lay new roads and strengthen the route! But he will be remembered forever for having first laid that road. He can be replaced. Any one can step in his shoes. It is a responsibility only another person of that will power can take. We all shall take up the responsibility and carry his legacy forward. That would be enough. He has done enough things for him to be remembered till birds stop flying! Now no body need to name roads and buildings after him.

The people he most loved!...I was a kid when I met him too!!

The ever sincere, ever simple and ever smiling Abdul Kalam is probably the only man in centuries to have won so many hearts and so very less haters. How can the "missile man" be called the "People's president??" That too he was part of the nuclear programme of the nation. There is only one explanation. He loved his duty. As a scientist, as an Indian, as a human being. That is all. He has one unfinished lecture..."Making a Live-able Planet." Let us take inspiration from him and put into action the lecture he just started!

P.S: Dear Kalam sir, we promise to fulfill your vision and need your continued blessings which we already have. Thank you for, well everything sir.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bahubali - the beginning

Telugu is the third largest language in the country in terms of native speakers. But how famous is it? How many Telugu movies/directors have become famous all across the country when people belonging to the Tamil industry like Manirathnam and Rahman have carried their works to Hindi too. When was a Telugu movie discussed even in states like Punjab as the movie 'Robot' was? There probably was never such a Telugu movie. But now there is. Bahubali is the movie that is hot favourite of even the North Indians.

I watched the movie in Delhi to see how the response was for the movie.
It was excellent. Obviously, the huge promotions of the movie led to the large response it got across the country. I was convinced that this movie is a marketing genius. Be it roping in Karan Johar to present the film in Hindi or taking into the audience the fact that the movie is the costliest and the largest Indian motion picture worked wonders for the movie makers. The response was tremendous and of course the movie did not disappoint. Not a bad movie despite a sorrowful story and indecency on part of the protagonist!

Rana Daggupati as Bhallaladeva was brilliant in the movie

This is a special cinema especially when Telugu movies are increasingly depending on comedy for success. The movie only works on its taking. There is absolutely nothing new in terms of the story. It is that most common folklore story where two princely brothers fight for the throne. But that is the last thing one has to worry about. Apart from an unnecessary molestation of a warrior lady by the hero, the movie had nothing new in terms of scenes. It is the production value of the movie that impresses the most. The carefulness with which the movie is made is great. It is clear that neither the producers nor the director or the entire cast were in a hurry to complete the movie. It took them two years to complete the movie. This coolness in shaping up the movie is seen in the smooth flow of the scenes. The actors were all good and it is not the first time in a Rajamouli movie that the antagonist has impressed much more than the hero! The picturisation of the Chalakudy falls was beautiful!

The movie is not a trend setter like Magadheera was. One should watch it without comparing it to any other movie. This actually followed the new trend of creating complete new language. The sets which took 200 days for construction will probably be used better in the next part of the movie. But kudos to the producers of the movie. They are the highlight of the film. I have not known a producer who kept a careful ledger of the happenings of a movie. probably for Sholay? We all can look forward for a nice book on the 'Making of Bahubali.' The producers are keen on getting back the money spent. They have earned it well.

This movie can be a nice research project for management students. And Kamal Hasan can take a leaf or two out of their books for promoting Viswaroopam 2.
Bahubali is a movie which can be watched for all the hype built around it. Do not try to search for logic. One will need an atomic force microscope for that! Just marvel at what Indian film has achieved! This is an indigenous marketing and graphical genius! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

ICC could actually offer something to Greece

Well, that was one hell of a shockingly sarcastic article. The timing is either extremely hilarious or extremely rude. Whatever it is, it was fun. James Marsh brought out some light humour from the dire situation that Greece is presently in. A one and a half billion euro debt to the International Monetary Fund(IMF)!! Apparently, Greece needs 50 billion euros to get out of the sticky situation its political leaders have landed t in. If anyone is ready to come forward like the ICC is, I would want to request you to consider dropping 0.1% of that amount for me. I would rename myself after you if you want!

Greece and cricket have had historic ties. For instance, the rain rule is Greek to most cricket fans

On the human side of the situation, the Greeks have put majority of their faith in Syriza, the radical leftist party and gotten themselves a prime minister in Tsipras, who have not for one day thought of what the economic situation of Greece was when he gave all those promises to his people. He cannot go back on his promises nor can he not repay the debt. It is not a small amount too. So naturally, a blame game starts. In the end, everyone seems to have forgotten what would happen to those thousands of lives. The politicians are only interested in staying n power, the creditors in getting back their money.

A referendum in this matter is a very very bad move, a cowardly one.

On top of all this, the person sitting in the hot seat, the man who is responsible to take the most responsible decision for his country has lifted his hands in despair and 'left' it to those who put faith in him. The most important thing for the country is now left in the hands of 'majority.' Just imagine if the decision to revamp reservations in our country is left to the people to decide and a referendum is set up! I wonder what Arvind Kejrwal would have done if he is the prime minister of Greece! What if the majority decides that they have to  stay with the Eurozone? What if the majority decides that the old people do not need any assistance and can be neglected? The prime minister can still stick to his seat and go back on his promises!

Even though I am not even a speck before Paul Krugman, I disagree with him that Euro has been a mistake. It has been a boon in disguise for the entire continent of Europe. I feel a common currency s what is really keeping the entire region together. It should continue to do so. Even though it is written in a jovial fashion, it can actually be true. Top companies and organisations can come forward and invest n the country. That would in practical mean taking a loan to repay another but there should always be a way. A way to make sure humanity and the human nature survives rather than sticking to power and running away from responsibility. There is always a way to avoid that "Grexit."