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Saturday, July 4, 2015

ICC could actually offer something to Greece

Well, that was one hell of a shockingly sarcastic article. The timing is either extremely hilarious or extremely rude. Whatever it is, it was fun. James Marsh brought out some light humour from the dire situation that Greece is presently in. A one and a half billion euro debt to the International Monetary Fund(IMF)!! Apparently, Greece needs 50 billion euros to get out of the sticky situation its political leaders have landed t in. If anyone is ready to come forward like the ICC is, I would want to request you to consider dropping 0.1% of that amount for me. I would rename myself after you if you want!

Greece and cricket have had historic ties. For instance, the rain rule is Greek to most cricket fans

On the human side of the situation, the Greeks have put majority of their faith in Syriza, the radical leftist party and gotten themselves a prime minister in Tsipras, who have not for one day thought of what the economic situation of Greece was when he gave all those promises to his people. He cannot go back on his promises nor can he not repay the debt. It is not a small amount too. So naturally, a blame game starts. In the end, everyone seems to have forgotten what would happen to those thousands of lives. The politicians are only interested in staying n power, the creditors in getting back their money.

A referendum in this matter is a very very bad move, a cowardly one.

On top of all this, the person sitting in the hot seat, the man who is responsible to take the most responsible decision for his country has lifted his hands in despair and 'left' it to those who put faith in him. The most important thing for the country is now left in the hands of 'majority.' Just imagine if the decision to revamp reservations in our country is left to the people to decide and a referendum is set up! I wonder what Arvind Kejrwal would have done if he is the prime minister of Greece! What if the majority decides that they have to  stay with the Eurozone? What if the majority decides that the old people do not need any assistance and can be neglected? The prime minister can still stick to his seat and go back on his promises!

Even though I am not even a speck before Paul Krugman, I disagree with him that Euro has been a mistake. It has been a boon in disguise for the entire continent of Europe. I feel a common currency s what is really keeping the entire region together. It should continue to do so. Even though it is written in a jovial fashion, it can actually be true. Top companies and organisations can come forward and invest n the country. That would in practical mean taking a loan to repay another but there should always be a way. A way to make sure humanity and the human nature survives rather than sticking to power and running away from responsibility. There is always a way to avoid that "Grexit."