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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Super-rich telugu movies

There is a flurry of new trailers in Tollywood, the telugu film industry. All the major movies look very rich or have a lot of graphics.All the 'big' actors seem to be acting in very high budget movies. Also any role involving those actors come with rich, with brand new bikes, cars, high-end restaurants and shopping places. Probably doing a movie involving the common man is out of their league and new, small actors seem to have shouldered that responsibility. If this is the trend, it is sad and bad.

A latest movie involving the superstar of the industry is titled, "Wealthy Man." According to the trailer at least, the protagonist seems to be a super rich guy who is bored of all the material pleasures and goes to some village. There he is seen in v-necks, riding a bicycle, again a very expensive one. Just the location changed. Not the richness. Not only this movie, for quite a long time, almost every movie involving 'big' heroes have shown them as a billionaire philanthropist type guys. Even if the story needed a middle class set up, it was only the creamy layer of the middle class. Probably the hero would be a software engineer or an architect which are the 'rich-middle class jobs.'

None of the present generation heroes appear as auto-rickshaw drivers or daily wage laborers or even as bank clerks unlike their previous generation which entered the film industry with practically no background. In fact, today's heroes cannot play any role which is not rich because they do not know how it is not to be rich. They were born with a silver spoon if not with a golden or platinum one. All the acting experience they acquire is from those acting schools which charge a lot of money and employ well known actors to teach acting. It is however, impossible to teach things like poverty, hunger and employment. They are to be experienced. No other way.

Of course, one cannot blame the film makers for showing what the majority audiences really want. The larger portion of the audience is the middle class. No middle class person would want to see their lives again on the screen. They want to see what they want to be. Living in huge flats, driving sedans and dining in five star restaurants. Even the 'poor' audience are not interested to see what the real society is. Everybody seems to be longing to be how their favorite hero/heroine is: rich, fair and beautiful. No body is interested to see their most revered hero to be like how they are: poor and routine looking. 
There is no movie which makes people feel that the lead role is from their neighborhood. People are living in a virtual reality. The definition of reality itself is a tough and complicated one. There is no explanation for a virtual reality!