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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mother and Motherland...always lovable!

A short story. A boy of about ten, probably the son of a fisherman was weeping near the sea. He was weeping so badly that the sea goddess felt very sorry for him and went to him and asked what the matter was.
He told her, "I can't find my mother."
The goddess asked him to describe his mother.
He stopped crying. "Can you get her to me??" he asked.
"Why not, definitely I will find her for you. Just tell me how your mother looks like," the goddess replied. "Well, she is the most beautiful woman." said the boy.
The goddess summoned the newly elected Miss World. The boy started crying again. The goddess asked why he was crying even after she got the most beautiful woman on the planet.
"She is not at all as beautiful as my mother." replied the boy.
She got the Miss Universe. Same crying. Same reply. Miss Africa...same thing! Miss Angola, princess Kate, Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, all were summoned. None were as beautiful as his mother!!

Then she came. His mother. He stopped crying, smiling as wide as his ears, he ran to her and hugged her. The goddess looked at her. She was carrying fish, had a stink on her. She was limping a bit, was very dark and had a squint in her eye. Not even one who would be allowed to house keep the beauty pageant arena! Yet the boy found his mother the most beautiful person in the world. There is much more than looks alone, something that cannot be explained in a sentence/paragraph, realised the goddess and went away.

We all love our mother and motherland irrespective of what kind of idiots her sons have become, irrespective of how much we all fight against each other, all of us love our motherland. We were never and are never ashamed of it! We do not need some one to come and change our lives, get money pumped into the country and thus make us lift our heads in pride. I don't want India to be a powerful economy. I want India to be a happy nation" said a great frenchman. He is a true Indian.

I don't believe the Prime Minister too being a nationalist would say something like that. Thank you media. Anyway, stop criticising your own people abroad Mr. Prime Minister.