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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saina Sailing..Nadal Anchored!!

Okayy...I told Wawrinka has a great time ahead in his career. But I did not mean that it should come at Nadal's costl!! Very disappointing. Even though one can give excuses like the hand injury that became serious for Nadal. So much that he could not even reach Wawrinka's service. But no excuses!! It is okay..RG is RN's anyway!! No problem. Good start by Nadal. He will get two grands this year too!! Just wait!

Meanwile, in badminton, Saina has, after what..15 months, since October 2012 has won a grand slam!! I am a super fan of hers right from her Indonesian Open victory five years back!! Great player and person!! I even promised a party to my friends had she emerged on the top of rankings but they just missed it as she never went above second rank! No problem. Great start by Saina. She will win more series 'super'ly!!

Little good and little bad republic day for me. No problem. I met the chief minister and the governor of my state, Andhra Pradesh! Went to the tea party by the governor for public at Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad. Good experience. Enjoyed it. I did the parking for our car! Not a great achievement but it is not everyday that you park your car in the Governors garage!!

Celebrations together!!
Happy Republic Day!