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Friday, January 17, 2014

Don't Make Promises YOU can't keep!!

YOU campaign against the corrupt chief minister promising that YOU will sue her and win. You are sworn in as the chief minister, YOU are asked what actions YOU would take against the old corrupt Chief Minister, YOU say, "Let the BJP bring strong evidence against Shiela Dixit and then we shall take action against her!!" Good, very good. Maybe YOU is or maybe YOU is not, but you do not look good!! Anupam Kher thinks so too!!

True. YOU included only middle class promises in the manifesto because Delhi has a majority of middle class people. Mostly Bank Employees, call center agents, political peons. But YOU have clearly forgotten that Delhi has poor people and rich people too. Sanitation, Water, Electricity, Road transport are all fine. But what about employment? Daily necessities? Lowering prices? Industries around Delhi? Cleanliness? Economy? Terrorism? Clearly, a middle class wooing manifesto and a big name after the thunderous Anna Hazare movement. But, are these enough for YOU to be decided the ruler?
Jan Lokpal was YOUr trump card. YOU promised jan lokpal by 29 December and later said fifteen days after coming to power. Nothing happened. Flop! Commando force(joke!) for women security. Flop!! Janata Darbar..Flop!!! As a matter of fact, Janata Darbars are there in many states. Bihar was the most successful state in organising them. Nothing wrong in learning from Bihar. YOU said no to Government Bungalow and took a Duplex house elsewhere. Controversial!! Flop! Flop! Flop!! All YOUr ideas are flops. Promising a good future is not enough. YOU should live in the present!!
lesson.1: Don't make promises YOU can't keep

20,000 litres of water for free to all in Delhi. But that's only for those who have a water meter, the middle class of course!! Can the middle class not afford 200 rupees per month? Instead give those 20,000 litres to industries. They will lighten up lives!! YOU said no to red beacons, went to swearing in ceremony in Metro. Nice publicity stints. But YOU do not realise the nuisance that you create to the police due to these decisions..stupid decisions!!  Now this mistreatment of women too?!!?
YOU have come with an agenda. An Aam Admi agenda. When YOU being in the decision making seat cannot take any small decision without taking opinion polls, it clearly shows YOU go the majority way.
Not always is the majority right.
I took membership in Aam Admi Party before elections in Delhi for 10 rupees and now that I fear the same scenario as in the tamil movie, "Ko", I want my 10 rupees back!!

If you are really honest, you are ignorant and innocent!
If you are really dishonest, you are very very intelligent!

Anyway UPA/NDA/AAP/ uska Baap - ultimately it is not YOU but WE, the people of India who suffer due to any bad decision even if it is taken with a good intention!!