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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Our" Land of the Rising Sun

"We are a part of India. We are Indians. No one can deny us the right to travel." This is the statement made by the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh after China did not grant a proper visa to two women archers from Arunachal Pradesh. This statement gives me a kind of kick. It is not about a boundary dispute but it is about national integrity. About how all Indians must feel Indian.

After all, a chief minister is the chief representative of the subject's opinion. So, when all the people of Arunachal feel Indian, how stupidly can one think and pin the visas of the athletes without proper stamp. The reason they claim is that these two come from disputed land whose leader indomitably claims the state to be undisputed and claims that it belongs to India! The case is not different from Kashmir. Even here the people feel Indian (Okay, we shall discuss this later!!) Whatever it is, Arunachal Pradesh is an Indian state. No doubts there Ms.China! Don't forget the McMohan line!!

"The Land of the Rising Sun" is what we call Arunachal Pradesh. In Sanskrit, 'Arun' means the Sun. In my view, this far North-East state is the most eco-friendly state in our country. The primary source of income, of course like many other states in the country is Agriculture for this "Orchid State of India." It is home to more than a thousand species of Flora and Fauna. A large variety of birds can also be seen here. I called eco-friendly because electricity is generated in the state by Hydro Projects (maybe there is not much choice here...nevertheless!!) which constitutes a large chunk of Indian Hydro Power generation. Moreover, Arunachal Pradesh has the largest number of regional languages among Indian states. 

However, I feel we must feel the state closer. There are Universities, Polytechnic colleges and a Horticulture college, Cancer Institutes, mountain terrain roads and the recent "first train' in the state all granted by the Central Government of India. But this is not sufficient. I suggest tourism. "Kuch Guzari Hai Gujarat Mein," "Give Time a Break," "God's Own Country" are fine. But for a natural beauty like Arunachal Pradesh which is also called "A Botanist's Paradise," why is that there is no advertisement? Tell the rest of the country...tell all Indians what a beauty A.P is and give good tourist packages (if they are being given already, then spread the word better!!) This shall be the covalent bond among all of us! Spread the name of The Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains further!!