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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Venkatappa Art Gallery, a steal for nice history!!

With the Cubbon park, the Viswesvarayya Science Museum, the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Planetarium around, the Venkatappa Art Gallery might not feature on 'must-visit' list of those who plan to go around the city of Bengaluru. But, this museum and art gallery are definitely worth going and taking a look! Definitely it is a steal for nice sculptures, paintings and antiquities at four rupees an entry ticket.

First, in the ground floor, it is excavation findings like pottery, stones and iron tools from Mohenjodaro and also surrounding areas. Items from the Mauryan age, Chalukya age, Satavahana dynasty and the Mayura Sharma, the first kannada king of Coorg. Of course, like any other museum in India, there are the swords, knives, blades, shields and cannon shells. I wonder, why do we not find things like a yarn spinning machine, or a printing machine. There were pot making things and others but, somehow I feel that Indians spent time mostly fighting. Even if we see our Puranas too, they are all full of wars! Of course, we were quite developed in that field(not anymore!!)

Then, in the first floor, one can see various music instruments like Coorg drum, Kinara Veena, Makhara Veena, bagpipe, Nagaswaras, flute etc.. of those times (which time? Don't ask!) Then, there are good paintings of Rama Pattabhisheka (swearing-in ceremony of Ram as king), Gajendra Moksh and an extraordinary set of paintings which describe the entire Ramayana. There are paintings from various times like the Mughal, Mysore, Amer, Kaushambhi, Vijayanagar etc..
There are sculptures of Buddha, Siva, Ganesha, Dhanvantari, Surya, Durga etc.. from various dynasties especially the Vijayanagar dynasty.

Then, since it is a government museum, you get archaeological publications to buy. Then, there is a nice cafeteria offering snacks and meals at reasonable rates. There is McDonald's opposite the art gallery. So, one can plan to go here during lunch time. There is nice tree cover too.
By the way, entry is not allowed into the museum when there is a power cut!!