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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Being a Good Samaritan!!

Should rather be saying, 'not being a good samaritan.' With the Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance forming a "strong-stable" government at the center in India, its neighbour, Pakistan is more in the news than India. Oh wait, the BJP has won three out of the six parliamentary seats in Jammu and Kashmir. Arch rivals(in cricket too!), it is quite horribly interesting to see what the relation between the two countries is going to be like!
Shake hands!!?

The BJP has already said that they cannot talk in the midst of bomb blasts, guns and pistols. Heated discussion took place already between the former BJP president, Nitin Gadkari and a Pakistan Analyst, Tariq Pirzada, whose accent says he is obviously not living in Pakistan. Interesting thing is, when the Indian counterpart said 'no-tolerance' for terror export, the pakistani said that they are a nuclear power and would not resist to nuke Delhi. Looks like they are desperate. Recent torturing of Hindus in Pakistan and the news that Dawood Ibrahim has fled might be an indication.

But being neighbours, both India and pakistan should be knowing that helping each other is much better than fighting it out. But with pakistan violating the 'cease-fire' rule every fortnight, the Indian defence might be keen on hitting back, especially when the newly elected government trumpeted this promise on their way to power. The border defense is a very important issue. Since the central government now is solely organised by a right-wing party, terrorist groups might be more enthusiastic about entering India! Any border is to be keenly watched.

That is an intelligent step by the Indian Prime Minister designate, Narendra Modi to invite the Pakistan PM, Nawaz Shariff to his oath taking ceremony. The ball is in his court now. Such gestures should hopefully lead to good terms but not increased rivalry.
Guns or Roses? Indo-pakistan relations are going to be very interesting. And they are very much necessary to be followed by the citizens of either countries. C'mon, we should know what our neighbours are up to!! Both the countries should take careful steps. Especially Pakistan. Pakistan should know more than enough to end their 'cease-fire' violations. Just do not make the "Forget Kashmir, let's save Karachi" joke real. 
Source: eenadu.net(27/5/2014)

Good Samaritan?? In your dreams!!