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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Together, we shall split!!

A nice evening on 30 July this year, as I was enjoying a street play, I heard clapping, slogan shouting etc.., and later when I knew that the reason was the government announcing its decision for Telangana, I was very happy. It was mainly because I wanted the long political drama to end. Also, I have seen the agitation for separation of Telangana and felt that it had a good reason. But I was wrong!

All I can think now about the Telangana agitation is the political ruckus that was created and people falling for it (including me I guess!!). Ask a random person involved in this separation movement why exactly he wants a separate state, you will get a reply saying, "I will get a job easily if there is a separate state!!." How foolish! Yet somehow, I still supported the movement because I felt there was nothing wrong in being separate. After all, siblings stay separately but are close right! No, I am wrong again!

At the time of independence, India had 562 princely states. Seriously, I cannot imagine these kings considering brotherhood! What purpose is division going to serve? Pakistan was divided from India. This division involved big time violence and mass murders. What is the result, there is no peace between India and Pakistan even today! Will Telangana develop if it becomes a separate state? No. Even if it does it would have happened without division too! This "development" is an instrument used by politicians on us to again, fool us, to lure us.

Recently, I have been to the coastal side of Andhra Pradesh and I saw people agitating for a combined state. And not one politician was there. It was only the people who wanted the state to be united who took the initiative. Yes, let ask ourselves the question, why to separate? Is there a language/culture difference? No. Moreover, if separated, Telangana will lose something very important for growth. The sea coast! If development is the only reason for separation, then we shall concentrate on development. From Srikakulam in the far East to Adilabad in the far North to Anantapur in the far south. We can do that together too!!

Finally, I would say politicians are successful in diverting us to this issue!
C'mon we should all be worrying about Food Security, Economy and Defense instead of such silly things!!
And hey look at the map of Andhra Pradesh.... it is good this way only!!!