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Sunday, September 1, 2013

As the Sun sets...it rises!!

About 100 years back, after the first world war, the currency of one of the world's great empires tumbled. So much that it led to hyperinflation and the banks in that country had to manufacture currency notes worth 500 million!! Then one person came... he again changed the situation in that country. He is Adolf Hitler and the country is Germany. The German Mark at that time was so useless that they were used to tend fire in fireplaces and used as papers for notice boards etc.. I don't know if he really revived the economy of Germany or not..but after Hitler's entry, maybe poor economy was a very small problem for Germany!!

Of course, it is not the same situation now in India but definitely, it is a problem which cannot be ignored by the common Indian! Of course one can be in the hope that in dark times, there is light ahead! But that would be more of a "Gambler's Fallacy." C'mon we are a country, not a Casino! What we need at this time is self evolution. Recently, our Prime Minister also made a similar remark saying we should lessen our petrol consumption, save our gold (I would suggest we save Onions rather than Gold!!). Though I don't like his giving such statements this late after the opposition's criticism, I definitely agree with him.

We can't expect some one to come and resurrect our falling economy. It has to come from within us. The problem comes as our rupee goes out of the country and is not circulated within. There is nothing wrong in being Indian and buying Indian. If you want to buy clothes, get them from Pantaloons...you want branded, go for Van Heusen or Peter England (yes that's Indian!!). Go for Idea or Airtel instead of Vodafone. Go for McDowell's No.1 instead of Royal Stag!! And for God's sake stop eating those unhealthy chips and French Fries. Buy two wheelers from Hero Motocorp or from Bajaj,TVS. For four wheelers there is TATA motors and Maruti ( no problem here for Mileage!!)

The more the rupee is kept with ourselves, the better. Otherwise, we might have to adopt a foreign currency!! Heyy don't worry about FDI...no one is interested to invest in India which is in one way good for us. We should learn from this and be more independent. For example, we shouldn't be in a position to import fertilisers and aeroplanes from other countries! We should have our own factories and workshops manufacturing atleast the basic things. 
This is the self evolution I am talking about. Young people should take initiative to start such entrepreneurships without thinking much about the risks. Only then can India produce more Narayanamurthys, Deepak Parekhs, Chanda Kocchars and Kiran Shaws!!
But one thing. The Foreign investments are not as bad as they are being portrayed. On the contrary, if industries and manufacturing plants are set up in the country, it would be really good for the country. The rupee does not necessarily stay only in the country. We need not be conservative; nor communistic. We need to think first about filling millions of stomachs!!

Remember. The sun rises as it sets. But one should understand that it is not the sun which is going down or rising up. It is us, the Earth that is rotating!!