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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

India, a "FREE" country

We live in India, the best country in the world, yayyy, the largest democracy, wow, we are free to do anything here, free to talk, walk and drink!! We can happily criticize the first citizen or the government openly. We are also free to roam on the streets at midnight(okay maybe there are exceptions here...don't ask me!!). But do we understand this "Free" part properly?

Recently as I was traveling on the Begumpet flyover in Hyderabad, I saw a huge hoarding of which around thirty percent was occupied by the word 'Free'. This is an advertisement of a popular chicken store promising a free Pepsi with every big buy. No wonder people flock to the place. In a super market, 'free' is one word that inevitably attracts every single one of us. This psychology of the human mind is exploited by companies. This 'free'dom is seen in every walk of our life, used not only by consumer goods companies, but even by doctors!

The ones using this "Free" notion the best are the political parties. Some one offers free tablets to students and lure the people whereas some offer free televisions!! Result: bad...sorry..useless governments. Government gives free education, accommodation to backward students and provide them scholarships. Result: Many students keep failing only to avail of these for more time!! Companies offer something free for their products. Result: all unnecessary items pile up in homes in the stupid hope that they would be of use some day or the other!! There are free health check ups. Result: Increased consumption of non-essential medicines and higher frequency of visits to hospitals/clinics.

We want a pen free for a soap(!!), free talktime in our phones, free internet, we want a shirt free for every two shirts, we go to a random marriage for free dinner. We demand complimentary breakfasts in star hotels.  We also don't care if we go to some "Akashampa Kirkiri" place as long as the trip is arranged by some company for free. There are more to this endless list!

While we can conveniently blame the growing competition for the increasing free offers, we should keep in mind that Nothing comes for free in this world. Not even drinking water. If something comes for free, then be sure that it does with hidden cost!! We should try not to be overwhelmed by these "free" offers.

Let us remember that we are living in a free India whose freedom has come with huge sacrifices and extreme pains taken up by great people. A salute to them!