Writing is like T20 batting. If you block, you might as well retire to the pavilion! -- Pete Langman
Expat in Germany

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Storm's Coming!!!

Hi everyone,

I have entered.... and for the first time that too!

I will post about various things ranging from Cricket to Cleopatra, from Physics to Philadelphia, from Quantum Mechanics to Qutub Minar, from Religion to Rowling, from Battle of Panipat to Boundary conflicts, from crumbling Economy to clint Eastwood, from Ecological balance to Engineering science, from dashing Indian Companies to melting Icecaps,and from the universe of Music to Milkyway Galaxy...... woah a long list!!!!
In an appreciable sense, I blog about "anything and everything".... anyway that's what blogging's meant for isn't it?

If my posts are knowingly/unknowingly directed towards anybody/anything in particular...it is meant to be!!

Any comments, corrections, debates are happily encouraged and hopefully I will frequently and periodically keep updating my blog.

Overall, I guarantee you total entertainment and true information!!   :) :)