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Friday, August 9, 2013

Sincerely - A Civil Servant

Brothers and Sisters of India,

We come from your middle, only in the hope to serve you well. This, we did though we graduated with a cool degree from even cool institutes like IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, IISc etc only because we couldn't see the sufferings of so many of our fellow country mates. We could have gotten away with a nice job in a huge MNC and in places of our choice in the world! But we wanted to serve you and stayed back. Amidst heavy competition, we made it all the way to become a civil servant.

In the training we were what is "India". People from different states, cultures and from different upbringings come together to get trained to become one!! We were not trained at our home place so that we mingle other people. We are all from various backgrounds.. rich, poor, some engineers, some scientists, some doctors but all with a common aim which is to be patriotic!! We are taught how to behave, how not to behave, we learn how to make friends and most importantly how to be honest. We loved this and are very enthusiastic to serve our Indians. We know we are one of the country's most respected professionals and we step out into the real world to keep up that name.

But, once outside we are met by a hostile environment rather than the friendly and cheerful one we had in our training. So what. We are powerful and use that power sincerely. We are rewarded well for our sincerity only that the awards are received posthumously by our kin. A noble officer was burnt alive for opposing the oil mafia in Mumbai. Another officer who was brave enough to stand up against the sand mafia has been stamped down by the "Rowdy Raj" to an extent that she is now knocking the doors of the assistants of politicians to show mercy!! She was suspended on some stupid religious grounds and the same Rowdy raj which promised no political rowdyism is backing the sand mafia and wants no IAS officers in their state. Shame!!
The central government keeps quiet because it wants support from this state government!! Thank You!
And sincere officers being threatened, kidnapped and killed by the maoists is well known!!

A civil servant's job is not high incomes, Z category security and high profile dinner meetings and it is definitely not as a cakewalk as it may seem to be!! Though we are an independent power, we are constantly controlled by the Legislative. It's a highly dangerous job in which we have to take every step carefully. And God knows about our personal life! Yet, we will bravely move forward. We will do our duty because that is our aim. That is our breath. We don't care if no government, no opposition, no media supports us.All we want is your support!! We apologise for few unfaithful servants but nevertheless we will move forward with a little support from you.

Always at your service,
A Civil Servant