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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well, I wanted to write this after the Guy from Karachi lost his chance to blast the firecrackers yet again last Sunday. But I waited for a week just in case to see how we perform against the strongest team at present in the world. Well, as I guessed it. "Strategy!!" I am telling you, Dhoni would skin the players alive (I am very sure he does for Ashwin and Raina) if they do not perform. But for the last few months, the average performance of Indian team has gone down. I will tell why.

Keep going!

Remember the Champions Trophy 2013? It started off as the final edition of Champions Trophy and that there would be no such tournament in the future as it might be replaced by world test championship like earlier. India never won the Champions Trophy singly and especially, Dhoni did not have that feather in his cap. So, naturally, India, which struggled until then, won the tournament, that too in England!! And the hero, Shikar Dhawan!! Shikar was on my hate list until recently because I was shocked that such an under performer was selected for a the mega event. Now, I am happy that he performed. Not against teams like U.A.E but against strong contenders. That is fanatism my boy. Keep performing well, Dhawan. I think you like to perform well in big tournaments don't you?

The strategy, Indian team has failed until now. There would have been a lot of expectation on India to defend the title if not for the recent bad play. Now, we are not at all in the race and we can play without any pressure. Strategy!! This is for the sake of the ICC chairman's son-in-law. The stakes are raised high and that is it. A gift for Mama!

A repeat will be nice!!
Speaking about the India-Pakistan match, it is a disappointment! When there are greats like Roger Federer too watching, the match should not be so one sided. It was worse than the 2011 world cup semi final match at Mohali, though Harbhajan's actions are worth mentioning. India-Pak match should never be that simple. It should be as interesting and trend-setting as the 2003 world cup group match. I am just lucky that I saw that Sachin's innings. It was just then that I started watching cricket. That is one of my best memories ever.

It is good that India almost topped the pool-B. That would mean we might have bright chances of making it to the semi finals. Once we are in the semis, Rohit Sharma will take charge. In the finals, we have Dhoni anyway. So, cool!
But one thing which I did not like in the team is the jersey! There is no tricolour on the jersey, except maybe the collar! That made me angry quite a bit! The Indian cricket team and especially, Dhoni, the one who gave national duty a priority over personal endeavours knows that the fans are very volatile. I am sure they will keep the fans cool.