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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Exit Polls were Definitely Wrong!

That same Today's Chanakya predicted a massive victory for the BJP in the loksabha elections in 2014, a prediction which everybody laughed at, at first and then were surprised to know that were true. That same survey agency which predicted 50 seats for AAP in the Delhi elections for which people again laughed. I don't believe in predictions in any field, I accept only projections. The stress here is on how people laugh at things they don't want to hear! And yes, as the BJP leaders said, the exit polls were absolutely wrong. They have predicted ten times the seats the party achieved. Wrongly!

Well done Aam Aadmi Party!! This is a much deserved slap on the face of the BJP which is turning arrogant over the victories in various states. No wave can stay for long, it eventually has to go back and join all the remaining waves, even a wave as huge as a tsunami! Everybody is celebrating the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party. It is a fresh force. If you look at Kejriwal, one finds their next door neighbour. He reached the masses. BJP could not. Now, Modi, the face of BJP should go back and introspect, not only the reasons for such massive rejection, even in a small province like Delhi but also what the people of the country are expecting of their "Pradhan Sevak." Now, that the anti incumbency has already started, it would be nice to see the center concentrating only on the good governance it promised and not allow fascist forces to tarnish any good name achieved.

A month or so ago, Shekar Gupta wrote in the India Today, wondering why Narendra Modi, a man who loves to stay on the headlines always, allowed others to occupy the position, bringing him down. Expressing dismay at the construction of a temple for him is a good start but it would be nice if the Prime Minister of a diverse 125 crore population talks about non secular actions like the Ghar Wapsi. Ridiculous claims about "ancient" science, religion and nationality, I feel find no place in the hearts of real nationalists! Speak out your "mann ki baat" Mr.Prime Minister! This time, think about all Indians, you need not please the bhakts. Please us! People like me are in large numbers who supported you. Not looking at your caste or religion but your impressive career in Gujarat. We even did not care about blunders!

Of course, the BJP might end up winning the Bihar assembly elections later this year. But it does not matter. It is proven. Now there is an alternative force. That too a nationalist one, though socialistic and anarchistic in nature. It is quite clear that the average voter now cannot get polarised at all. As the nation gets more educated, I look forward to a day, when the only birth right is Swaraj, freedom.The BJP might have won the elections in the last millennium on religious lines, but not in the 21st century. This time they have won only on the promise of deliverance, good governance and not mere temple construction. The Aam Aadmi Party too has won only because of that. People I guess are tired of criticising each other caste-wise, religion-wise. That is the reason why congress was wiped out completely. The same reason why the BJP slumped in Delhi. Kiran Bedi is the other reason!

Anyway, I have always been skeptical about a middle class dogmatic and media sensationalised power like the Aam Aadmi Party. My fears came true last February when Arvind Kejriwal ji became over ambitious and set out to become the Prime Minister of the country. I even asked for the return of my ten rupees which I paid for membership in the early days of AAP. I did not get them back and had to remain a member. I am an Aam Aadmi and I hope that AAP delivers on its promises and more importantly, stay honest for years to come. This is why the BJP was elected at the main stage and the AAP in Delhi.

Voters have installed the leaders they wanted!!
Now, the aam aadmis and the chaiwallahs look forward to these "good governance" parties to work together, well. For a better nation!