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Saturday, July 5, 2014


 Who is it this time? Its a nice coincidence that Djokovic and Kvitova were the champions three years ago. The next year, Roger was the champion and Bouchard the hunior champion.
Of course there are two other possibilities but I don't have the pictures of those possibilities!!
I am very upset that Rafael Nadal could not make it. It definitely is sad. Its not always that we might have a chance to see Rafa and Genie Bouchard at the Wimbledon ball!! Tough luck
Nadal should have taken the care he is taking now about his health six years ago and he would have had 17 Grandslams by now. Anyway, U.S open suits him the best after French open. So, hoping he would win there.
Anyway, I hope the matches today and tomorrow will be good ones. They should be.