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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cricket!! It belongs to India

Cricket was born in 1300 and India entered the cricketing scene in 1930s. Ever since, we forgot there are other sports. Of course, we rule cricket and created a God for ourself. Speaking of God, now, shall we start the third world war if the Archbishop of the diocese of Spain said he did not know who Hanuman is!! C'mon, Maria Sharapova is just a famous model and a publiciser of her own sweets and some times plays tennis, very good tennis by the way. What is wrong if she doesn't know who Sachin Tendulkar is! Of course, it would be only good if athletes knew atleast about the greats in other sports. After all, sports is their field.

Cricket belongs to India. Well, I really should say India belongs to cricket. How many of us Indians knew that Somdev Devvarman lost in the first round at Wimbledon this year. Oh yeah! Devvarman is a tennis player from India! What if Sharapova said that she did not know who Leander Paes(by the way, a tennis player from India!!) was. What would the twitter account holders from India do? Why only cricket?

Now, talking about cricket, there are what? A ten countries playing proper cricket? And the Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) apparently mistook I for International. Seriously, N.Srinivasan, the chariman of International Cricket Council?? Is ICC a shelter home for those who were kicked out of BCCI?? Maybe now Chennai Super Kings players can play for England or Australia if they don't make it to the Indian cricket team. And Rajasthan players can forget their dream of even playing cricket.

India, with over three crore Gods spanning over various fields, failed to create Gods in various sports. Or atleast more gods in cricket atleast. Agreed, Sharapova was too blunt in saying she didn't know who Sachin is. But this is not how she should remember who Sachin is. "That guy who has angry fans" or "That legend who holds most of cricketing record"??
Certainly and unfortunately, the first one might hold here!! Sad for Sachin!