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Monday, June 9, 2014

Not even a bite!! Never!!

Of course!! Of course...that's Roland Garros and that's Rafael Nadal! He owns it. Like Bill Gates owns Microsoft! And he owned it the hard way. Nine times, and not always, it has been easy. His biggest enemy, his body has been troubling for the past..never mind..all through his career. So much that he quotes 2013 season to be his best as he has come out of 222 days of injury and with a bang!! By the way, all this he achieved against the fans of Federer and Djokovic together in recent times, even when he played against one of those!! The king of clay he is!!
Seriously, I am ready to spend and sacrifice anything to watch him play in the Philippe Chatrier court on that final day of French Open (he always will play on that day, until he retires!!)


Eight of his French Open titles have been different. Seldom did he come under a threat of losing the trophy. He did once, but that's due to injury..all of us know it. But, I felt this ninth one to be different. One: obviously, his body is sore again. Two: the opponent is Novak Djokovic!! If there is anyone who can claim to beat Rafa on clay, it's him. Three: He did just that at Rome and had an advantage of winning the last four clashes coming into the finals. The difference I felt is that, though this is a clash of equals, it has been more of a mind game than anything else. I haven't seen such fierce mind game in recent times. Of course, it became famous thus!

Djokovic's co-coach, Boris Becker said, "It is a wide and huge court and clearly Nadal has a visual advantage!" As if Djokovic was half blind! Djokovic put Nadal on the back foot by talking about the recent head-to-head. Nadal went on to reply that Djokovic could never defeat him at Paris on clay. Both the players went to the match happily agreeing that the other is the clear favourite!! I doubt if losing the first set was part of a plan Nadal had on his mind because he played so well in the rest of the three sets!! Anyway, one interesting fact I found is, back in 2012 too, Maria Sharapova won the women's singles and Nadal beat Djokovic in the finals in four sets. And the winning points game of double fault by Djokovic...Same now!

So, for nine years in the last ten, Rafael Nadal kept on biting the French Open title, for once giving a chance for Roger Federer, his favourite, to taste it. It is tough for any other to get a bite of that huge trophy as long as he is playing there!! I hope so too! VAMOSRAFA!!!