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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A world (cup) full of surprises!!

Thanks to few of my friends, I got interested in football over the last four years. One day, three years ago I guess, I saw the striker for Arsenal play. He played wonderfully. Whenever the ball came near him, he carried it to the opponents goal post. I liked his game and became his fan ever since. I am a loyal fan of Robin van Persie. And I started following the matches he played. He moved to another club, Manchester United and I started supporting it (yes, I support the team because of him, else I am a Swansea city fan).
Messi scoring in world cup!! What more shock do we need?!? 

Now, my interest in football is quite high. As high as to bet on few games! I guess there should be not much doubts in predicting as to who might reach the quarterfinals. There are surprises yes, but not many shocks in the world cup except Costa Rica beating Uruguay and Spain losing very badly against the 2010 world cup finals opponents, Netherlands. Biggest shock actually is the corner kick by Wayne Rooney. I love the formation of Argentina. The way they have formed to assist Messi was wonderful and his goal was a treat!! I hope the semifinals will be a Germany vs Brasil and Netherlands vs Argentina matches.  

The wonderful part of the beginning of the world cup is...Persie's flying header (I can't forget his half bicycle kick, especially because it came against Swansea city FC) ...though I loved Robben's cross shot into the goal against Spain!
Oh wait! Spain gone (my friend stopped watching the world cup!!) and now either England or Uruguay ready to crash out! What more shocks can we expect??