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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Votes for Sale!!

I am always skeptical about democracy. Because, the thought of democracy brings into my mind a coalition government, parties trying to please other parties for power and hence corruption. Democracy means to manipulate one's mind, literate or illiterate. Democracy means business. Democracy means to sell one's vote for money, liquor, gold, sarees, shares and maybe in a desert, water!! Democracy means those who follow all the above mentioned practices and the **** fools who accept them have a say in who is to lead the country.

Democracy means criminals. Mass hysterics. Mind manipulators. References! One is asking for votes referring to their great grand father, grand mother and father. Another person has gone even further. He is advertising his political party using his dead father's name and consoling people as if they have no other sorrow in the world other than crying for his dead dad who was corrupt to the core (and a bad jack in every other aspect too, if you ask me!!) Actually, it is much easier to manipulate the minds of the literate. Or the youth to that matter. Just rope in a doctor or a doctorate for contesting in elections or quit your Indian Revenue Service (IRS) job and hold a broom. The so called educated think you are the Messiah who came to solve all their problems.

The best meaning. Democracy means polarisation. Caste-based, religion-based, Race-based, Region-based, language-based. Name it, you get it!! There are thousand and one ways to polarise Indians. The politicians are successful in discovering a ten thousand ideas! The most used word to fool people is 'Secular.' I can bet that there are not as many secular parties in the country as much as the number of letters in that word!!
No body wants to educate people. By educate, I mean, make them think. Because once educated, it is difficult to polarise people in the above lines! Development? No way! The media creates various versions of development for printing in their papers each day! One day, I read in a famous English daily that in the Vajpayee government, building highways led to economic development. But the same paper the next day criticises the present battalion of Vajpayee camp that, building cities or roads will not help a Muslim in a desert?! It is like asking what good will be done to West Bengal by settling the Kaveri river dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu!!

Source: Media.indiatimes.in
Well, river reminds me of flow. Everything in the universe can be treated as a fluid. Even money and alcohol. In the south, in coastal Andhra which is going for elections today, money and alcohol are flowing faster than the MiG-6. Especially, with the most corrupt person in the country(world??) contesting there. I mean, there are people, who are aiming to be the head of the state who have gone to jail for fake company frauds and share holding frauds and awaiting court verdict on several other cases. Even after becoming the chief minister, that person may end up in jail!! Yet, people who do not think about anything other than the pinkish note they get for voting to this guy or about Jonny Walker are the ones deciding who to rule India.
How else do we describe democracy as?