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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Fine Stroke of Democracy!!

"Vote is not a way to express our feelings. It is a tool to better ourselves!!"

All those voting for the first time were busy uploading their "selfies" on social networking sites. Whether they really voted out of interest in electing a good government or out of interest in uploading pictures is in their hands! Well, it is much better than stupid birthday photos with cake smeared all over the face! That feel as if we are a Sebastain Vettel occupying the podium after a grand prix is impeccable!! Interested or not, this country offers us that one valuable thing every now and then. That one stroke of ink on our nail means a lot in the largest democracy the world is seeing. The vote is indeed a tool to better ourselves!


The two houses of parliament, the members of assemblies, parliament, state representatives, the panchayat raj, wow, how else do I describe the most wonderful place, the vertical mirror for democracy?!? Such a great democracy that even a chaiwala can dream of leading the country! Not bad at all. Keeping up with the American way of cobbler to prez way I guess! Unfortunately, I am not a great fan of democracy. Not that democracy is bad, in fact it is a boon we tend to neglect but it is the sadness that people of all kinds have a say in the government to be formed.

Atleast six out of every ten people in a particular constituency will not be able to tell who their Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) or their Member of parliament (MP) is! Why MLA and MP, I would not be surprised if eight out of every ten do not even know which constituency they fall under or even the meaning of constituency! Do such people's opinion matter for a country so bad to come out of many lagging issues? Sadly, yes. Every tom dick and harry can cast his/her vote and then upload photos for maximum likes!

The true symbol for democracy!

The reason why I am able to write this article freely without any fear is one example of a successful democracy. I am proud of it. No doubt in that. But, I am also quite skeptical about it. The reason, I am sure that unless a stable government forms at the helm of power, the country cannot move forward into development. This is impossible in a democracy, in a coalition, which is full of wants! One should remember that by voting, we are not only punishing the offenders but ourselves too for committing a mistake earlier!!
Democracy can ensure criticism, freedom and equality but can it ensure a good, stable government? Does it guarantee growth? economic stability? self sustainability? Well, the rise of a Hitler, a Churchill, a Reagan tell otherwise!!

Below is the pledge stuck outside every polling booth in the country. What difference can it make? Does this bring about a strong, stable government? A thought...

"We the citizens of India do hereby pledge while keeping full faith in democracy that we will maintain confines of our country’s democratic traditions and exercise our franchise maintaining dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections without consideration of religion, class, caste, community, language or any inducement."