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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two Shocks in a Single Day

HALA Madrid. Vamos Real!!
I support FC Real Madrid because I like it and also my favourite athlete, Rafael Nadal supports it. I am a fan of Swansea city FC actually and a follower of the Manchester United football club too. In the champions league finals yesterday, I really thought it was Atletico Madrid which might win even before the match. Of course, eighty nine minutes into the match too, no one would have believed that Real Madrid would emerge as the winners had they switched off their television sets then. Real Madrid made up for not winning the Spanish league this year too!
Sergio Ramos got the equaliser in the extra time! What a drama the next half an hour was! I am really happy for Gareth bale (its impossible to forget his goal in the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona) and Christiano Ronaldo(playing in front of his home crowd!) for scoring in the finals. They are the best pair this European season. The top scorer of the Champions League, Ronaldo with 17 goals will get the Ballon d'or this time. I am suhttp://surya108.blogspot.in/2014/05/two-shocks-in-single-day.htmlre. But the most wonderful thing in the match was the equaliser by Ramos. Superb shock, really a wonderful one!

What the hell!!
"Indian Premier League is time waste. The matches are too dramatic. IPL is no more fun. It is not cricket!" These were the dialogues I used to hear from my friends always. Some of them even stopped watching IPL. I never agreed with them. I always felt it to be enjoyable and genuine. I used to follow every edition of IPL closely. I did this year too...untill today. Until I got the news that "impossible has now become possible!" Chasing down 190 in 14 overs??!! Somehow, it fails to leave a positive remark. This is unbelievable. I even heard that sportsmanship was compromised in the process of winning!! Well, now I agree with my friends. I am watching IPL no longer. saddest part is, a great man, a cricketing legend and a gentleman, Rahul Dravid has a part, hopefully a passive one. Until last year, I was unable to see him play those paddle sweeps and scoop shots. Now, I cannot see him lose his cool, throw down his cap and do drama for stupid club matches. If Ganguly did that, there is some meaning. He has done it for the country too. But not Dravid. It is just shocking!! So, please come out of that Mr.Jammy.

The difference between the two dramas is the following. Whether matches were genuine or not is not the question. But, the entertainment provided by the UEFA Champions League final match between the football clubs from the city of Madrid was way better and much believable and legitimate than the match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians in IPL. Yes, they are two different games. And I strongly disagree with those who compare these two matches. I am talking about the kind of entertainment they provided. Where the football match impressed extraordinarily with one single goal at the right time, the cricket match failed to make people (ones like me) believe that is as much worth!!