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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nandi Hills...Trekkers Joy!

Nandi Hills
Location: 30 Kms from Bengaluru on the Hyderabad highway
Conveyance: Unfortunately, own vehicle, I haven't seen any public transport on the way. There are buses till one point and from there, auto rickshaws I guess! Cycling enthusiasts can cycle till there(but can't trek!!)
Take these along: Biscuits, water and dry fruits. There is nothing around!
The Nandi Hills!

For those from Bengaluru and surrounding places, who are going for trekking in the Himalayas, there is this wonderful place called Nandi hills which can be used for practice. The hill looks like a bull it seems. Good enough! Those, serious about trekking, do not take the usual routine route which everyone follows. There is one hill called, Skandagiri(source:unknown) which once had a small size fort. The normal route is simple and might take an hour to reach the peak. The different and difficult path takes longer and is quite enjoyable. At one point, you get struck with no rock offering proper grip to hold. At one point, the path is extremely thin and full of thorns. You cannot escape but get pricked by these thorns a multiple places. Then there are rocks as smooth as, I don't know, but they are smooth and the thing is, once you start climbing there is no going back the same way except there might be rolling down the same way. Not something we want to happen!
Will look gorgeous when its green!!

As steep as it seems to be!!

Then there is this merger with the routine route. Here, one can find the remains of an old, small fort, if you want to call it one. There are people selling nice buttermilk. Some more easy trekking, you will reach the peak. All throughout the journey upwards and even from the top, it is very scenic. Especially just before the harvest time, when there is this green carpet down. It's beautiful. The wind is very strong here. Probably because there are few hills which are slightly apart! Two old structures are on the top. There is a temple and a big Nandi outside and a small Nandi inside the temple!! Can spend half an hour or so until you get bored of the continuous strong wind and return. Its very important that one takes the routine route to go down. 
Beautiful & the pond has 'Doctor Fish!!'

Then, two Kms in the return journey, there are places to see. Famous civil engineer and Bharatratna, Sir.M.Viswesvarayya's birth place is here and there is a bea..utiful temple of Bhoganandiswara. Especially the Kalyani is superb. One can, apart from the peace in a rush-less temple, get this "Fish Pedicure" by Doctor Fish in the pool of the temple!! I can bet that after the long trek, one gets very very hungry and the temple offers free Prasad(food) to all. It's delicious. And hot too, plus, you will be definitely hungry. All this finishes by the afternoon. By around three or four, one can reach the heart of Bengaluru. This is recommended for a one-day entertainment!

Caution: Go, only if you are fit for and will enjoy trekking. Start in Bengaluru by around six am. Eat a heavy breakfast and go. If you feel you should not eat before trekking, be prepared to get nothing to eat after the trek as well (you could take food packets if you wish!). Most importantly, wear proper shoes and never sandals. Do not hesitate to remove shoes at some places.