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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Small World!!...No,no a huge one!!

On one end of the sea, in the largest peninsula in the world, India(lets say, the largest democracy in the world too!), in the city of Hyderabad, a new political party rose!, put up by a guy, fondly called the 'Powerstar' by his followers. Yup, he is a movie actor. But I don't think he is looking at politics as a post-acting career. After all, he is 42, an age at which there are people in the Bollywood who show how to flirt with college girls. He hopefully, might be genuinely concerned(about what?..later) that he put up a political party. He is very eccentric too. His party agenda: Unknown. He says, "Congress ko hatao." That is good enough I guess. For long, he had reflected in his movies, his revolutionary feelings. Ex: Jalsa

But, my concern is that even his brother(also an actor once, he was called 'Megastar'), exactly five years ago, started a circus, sorry, a political party with a similar agenda against the Congress. He, however couldn't stay alive with the same motive, succumbed to political pressure and merged his party with the Congress. And now the irony is, he comes out to the media and says, nobody can move the Congress, it is them who got India freedom, yeah, he is right! there was no Azad Hind Fauz back then; no Andhra Mahila Sabha and numerous other groups who worked for the freeodm of the country. There was only INC whose president became the first Prime Minister of the country. In fact, the dominant nature of the Congress can be dated back to those times itself! Everyone knows the story of Lal,Bal,Pal; Subhash Chandra Bose; Aurobindo Ghosh etc...So, one person floats a party, sinks it and one political term later his own brother does the same(there is time for/ hopefully he keeps this party afloat!!).
What a smaalll world!!

On the other side of the sea, there is another peninsular country, a small one called Malaysia, which is still searching for its 'lost' plane.(Though it is saddening that some 239 people have disappeared for about a week, it is little happy to know that many countries, including India are actively participating in the search activities!) Highly sophisticated technology is still insufficient to locate the airplane. After a week's search, the head of the country comes out to say it was a 'Deliberate Action', that the aviation transponder which, if kept on gives signals for radars to detect was switched off deliberately and that the plane was shifted off course!! Guess is that the airplane was definitely in flight up till four hours after communication was cut off! This happened just one hour after the plane was into flight. But what about ground based radar??

But then, will it not land somewhere, is it still hanging in the air, or is the plane circling above an airport for a vacant runway? What reasons will a person(who, in the plane is unknown! Authorities just say a hijack is conclusive!!) have, to divert the flight from over the south china sea towards the Indian Ocean crossing which is a really long process. Will he not take it towards some land to land?? It is said switching off the transponder and a subsequent left turn were kind of 'pre-programmed.' Did the hijacker direct it towards Europe where there are country conflicts at present? But then, it has been a week!! No trace of the airplane. C'mon, I think it should still be there somewhere in the South-China sea/the Pacific(/Bay of Bengal??)!! But how come it is not found yet!??
What a laargee world!!