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Saturday, March 8, 2014

One Day is worth 24 hours

I don't understand a thing with these days. Mother's day, father's day, this and that day, women's day. We need not wait for a special day to acknowledge the achievements of women in our past and the present! or to celebrate their presence!! I am happy with Sunday to Saturday! However, dedicating a day to someone is still a great idea. Happy Women's Day! Ironically, on the eve of women's day, eve-teasing took place in my locality; three boys were accused by four girls for teasing them. Of course, there were a lot more supporters for those girls than the four guys though who the real 'bad guy,' is unknown!

For now, keeping aside the sadly bad things and flipping on the other side of the coin, it is well known that women have topped in almost all the fields of human capabilities. Be it science or shuttle, poetry or politics. Proof? Google for 'Battle of the Sexes(Tennis)' or for 'Nobel Laurette in Literature, 2013.' In India, women are really strong in politics. One women in the far right of the country slaps hard on the strong 'left.' The other in the southern most region is so strong that she successfully converted the dream secretariat building of her opponent and previous chief minister into a government super specialty hospital!!(seriously one needs guts to do that especially the opponent being, you know,....)

Sudha Murthy
The role of women in the present political scenario, as said by Nirmala Sitaraman, first is to be a good voter. She says a woman takes a better decision, a sharper decision and more importantly correct decision compared to man! May be she is right. So, house wives, no cooking this April-end, go show your boiling anger though your vote!
Many of the influences of my life are women. The list (excluding, of course, my mother and sister, who have been an integral part of me!!)  includes, Mrs. Sudha Murthy, Prof. Rama Govindarajan, late Kalpana Chawla and Kamala Nehru. More details about these people, wait for few days!!