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Friday, February 12, 2016

That Thick Line Difference

Just like the gravitational wave detection has given renewed energy to science, it would have been a huge boost for technology had Lance Naik Hanumanthappa lived. It would have been a boost for human perseverance, a boost for the hopes of an entire nation whose people are constantly quarreling on issues which on any other day are considered unnecessary. It is humanly impossible to survive under 30 feet of snow for six days and equally impossible to find the human who did the impossible. Kudos to the men.

On the very same day when the country is mourning the tragic death of nine of its soldiers and praying for the recovery of one brave soldier, it is quite unfortunate to see students protesting for a convicted and punished terrorist and even more, threatening to destroy India. The word, students is to be highlighted here. These are students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, one of the most progressive and prestigious institutions of the country and they have not obtained permission for the same protest! It is one thing to raise voice against the suppression of the people of Jammu and Kashmir or even have separatist demands but it is a nonsensical thing to threaten the country which is taking care of the education of the students, giving them complete freedom to express their ideas. The students are expected to have the minimum intelligence to differentiate between the freedom given and the freedom to be taken.

Is it that they protested capital punishment? Is it that they felt that the terrorist who planned the attack on parliament was given an unjust punishment? Is it that they wanted to protest in solidarity with the people of Kashmir even when Kashmir is time and again given privileges? Is it that they are protesting against the Indian army without whose presence in the valley, there probably might be no human beings living, forget living peacefully? There actually is a very thick line of difference between protesting against unjust punishments and protesting for anti-nationals. Any sensible person would know the difference. Even in case of any of the above options, the protests showed no such signs. The only message the students sent was that they are proud of the path taken by the terrorists!! Even the separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani who has come out in support of those students have never made such derogatory statements. Why would he? When he never wanted a separate Kashmir in the first place!!

This protest is no different from the protests and prayers that happened in the University of Hyderabad for another terrorist. Before protesting, people, especially students should introspect if they are protesting against capital punishment or if they are praying for the terrorists! One could have always asked, 'Why not similar punishment to Aseeemananda?' or protest when Ajmal Kasab or Ram Singh were hanged. It would have been legible but this kind of passive support to terrorism is not a good thing since if the students of JNU, who the nation looks at as intellectuals do such a thing, what would the common man know about what is right and wrong?!