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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kaaka Muttai brothers and co

For the last few decades, Tamil cinema has risen to its zenith. There have been a lot of creative movies, good directors, good actors, nice music directors and powerful producers. Already, south India is recognised as Tamil with the popular politics and that strengthened with creative cinema. It might take quite some time for Telugu to be recognised better, especially because of the dearth of movies like Kaaka Muttai in telugu.

Kaaka Muttai is a lovely film in which two young, poor siblings realise their dream of eating a pizza. Every part of the movie was a beauty, there was little exaggeration which we generally see in any tamil movie. The movie is crisp and to the point always. But what is the most intriguing is the entrepreneurial qualities of the two youngsters. They have a goal: getting their pizza. They work towards it severely, not realising the number of entrepreneurial ideas that they have created in the process. One more nice thing is that, in the process, they never lie or resort to wrong doings. Thanks to their mother and grandmother.

First, making friends at the right place. They never play cricket with other kids. They do their regular hunt and go for their coal picking. Here, they make friends with the 'power house.' Of course, for such pickers, who is more powerful than a gangman? They also make good friends with a kid from a richer background. For their rich dreams to be realised, who else should they make friends with? A boy jealous of them because they get to eat a cadbury chocolate once a week? They get valuable inputs from this richer kid and use them in their hunt for a pizza. This is one of the most important things for an entrepreneur or any body in fact. Interacting with people powerful than oneself is necessary to rise in the ranks in any field.

Secondly, they try all methods to get money to buy their pizza. They work extra hours to get coal. They only take the coal from the wastage area only when they are shown it. They don't go looking for illegal ways to get money. They carry drunk people home, a great idea, because you are sure of so many customers. Pamphlet distribution and what not, including Pani Puri exchange, a brilliant execution of business plan on customers who are ignorant. None of them wrong doing. Great fund raising. Another very important aspect for any business to survive. They are excellent at these two things. Well, you get stupid sometimes while you are fundraising, like trying to sell a street dog for 25,000 rupees. But that was innocence.

Most importantly, they are honest and outspoken. They know what they know and how NOT to reach their target which is much more important than just knowing how to reach the target. Their honesty is clear when they don't resort to stealing phones from trains like the other kids do. And oh! they all acted superbly. After its is a movie.