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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Preparing the Home for Home-Coming

Religions spread by conversions. Christianity in Europe spread after emperor Constantine ordered his subjects to convert. Even in India, it is very well believed that the apostle St.Thomas came to convert settled Jews and inspired many others as well. Mass conversions as large as hundred thousand people at the same time started with the conversion of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and his followers into Buddhism. It is not of much doubt that every religion has arisen solely due to conversions. Probably Hinduism spread due to conversions of various nature worshiping tribes because there are a lot many similarities!

There is nothing wrong with conversions. If that is how religions spread, how else will the religions be preached? In fact, the freedom to convert to a more convenient religion allows a person the benefit of development but of course there probably is no religion which is better than the other. All have their flaws. Big flaws. Maybe accepting no religion would be better than to convert to some other religion, but then there is fear of antagonism by all religions!
If conversion is fine, then so is re-conversion. But why should some one convert back? The true form of Ghar-Wapsi would be us all converting back to the nature worshiping tribal forms!

Mari Marcel Thekakara, a famous Dalit activist says that she too abhors "rice conversions" where poor people are lured by missionaries into their religion. She argues that theoretically and theologically too this is not conversion. She argues though that if people are not respected in their own religion, why would they not seek an other religion at least in the hope of equality even if they are offered or not. The only way they should be called back should be by preparing the house to make them feel that they are back "home!" As Bhagat Singh said, we should mercilessly criticise old beliefs. If after a lot of criticism too, if they still stand, fine, else certain old beliefs should be rejected and find place for rules which suit the present world and generation. After all, this is all to live and frame a way to live!

The Apex court of India, some years ago declared Hinduism as a way of life. But that does not mean it is flawless. Why else will there be such huge conversions from Hinduism if it was the perfect way of life!? In fact, the beauty of Hinduism as a way of life must be seen in the fact that it can be adjusted in accordance with the surrounding cultures just like physical life is adjusted with change in seasons. If the caste system was good millennia ago, it is not now. It is time the system is changed with the changing times. Nothing will fall upon Hinduism. The entire might of the British empire could not shake it even after trying so vehemently.

For all that to happen, mindset must be changed! Most importantly those of people like Sakshi Maharaj, Asaduddin Owaisi and Ambika Soni. It would be truly appreciated if the media stopped giving coverage on Sakshi Maharaj and Prachi Sadhvi. This 124th birth anniversary of Asaram Bapu, every political organisation is busy trying to hijack him, just because he appreciated ideologues at few occasions. The true tribute to him would be restructuring the "home" before calling back people who abandoned it. That would be a huge leap for mankind.