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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Last Generation!

Living with, interacting with and being a youth is really irritating. I guess that might as well be the reason for a lot of crazy results. At this age we either screw it or do it. Naturally, it feels funny yet special to interact with people who we had just been. I went to meet my friend's younger sister who is just about to finish her senior secondary school.

It was special. I know the luck that comes with having an elder sister but it is only today that I got to see through her eyes; to see the younger generation. I saw, standing in a corner, my friend and his sister discussing things. He trying hard to present himself as a gentleman to his sister so she gets 'inspired.' It was fun. More fun since she is in her 12th grade in a corporate college and stays in a hostel. It is not like I was reminded of my childhood days or something, I am still fresh from them. But some feeling. Probably because that generation is the last one of its kind that might be.

A 12 year old kid now studying in the same school I studied once owns a smart phone as huge as my face. Today, we met the hostel girls and offered our 4 inch 'smart phones' to them so they can talk to their parents and siblings. It was a treat to watch those 17 year olds see in awe these dabba phones. When one girl could swipe the screen to answer a call, the others were stunned. "Wow, you know a lot!!" was their response. And in the evening as I returned to my room, I got a message from my cousin in the same class on whatsapp.

It was a beautiful evening, seeing innocent aspiring-to-be doctors. No smart phones, no whatsapp, no "the country has become smart. did you's!!" Sadly, this might be the last of such generations!