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Saturday, March 29, 2014

What do YOU aspire to be?

What do we aspire to be in our lives? Do we chose the right path? How many times do we take the wrong route and end up running away from responsibility? Here is an example!!

Few years back, a boy got his class ten results. Looking at his marks, people started telling he was "IIT-stuff." He got inspired and enthusiastic. The clever boy could score well in the entrance tests and made it to IIT, a prestigious institute in the country. He graduated in mechanical engineering. God knows if he was really interested in the subject. Nevertheless, he completed his course and joined another prestigious place in the country, 'Tata Steel.' But his heart was not in that. He was not satisfied. He ran away from the job.
He prepared for the most prestigious examination in the country since the pre-independence times, the civil service entrance test. Intelligent he was, he cleared the test. He became part of the Indian Revenue service. He was also awarded the 'Ramon Magsaysay' award while his tenure for some good work. He was still not satisfied. He quit his job. He ran away.

He took up social service. Created a group called Parivarthan. He joined the team of Aruna Roy and played a crucial part in the Right To Information act, 2005. Well, it is nice. He started doing something nice, worthwhile it might seem. But he was still not satisfied. He quit. Ran away!!
He joined the team Anna in the fight against corruption after huge scams like the commonwealth games scam, 2-G band allocations scam etc. He became quite famous. But he was not satisfied. He then decided to join politics. He put a political party. He started off with Delhi, in the heart of India. His agenda was, 'common man'(middle class man, actually!) In accordance to his party symbol, he 'swept' away the congress from Delhi and became the seventh chief minister of the National Capital Region. As usual, he was not into this too. He was not satisfied. He ran away. Quit his job again.  He now decided to go for the Lok Sabha polls rather than just a state election. He very conveniently shifted his agenda from anti-corruption to anti-Modi. He came into limelight with one agenda because of which he was elected and now like many other politicians, he shifted course.

He hardly worked for three years in 'Tata Steel.' He worked for five years for IRS. His quitting from this came with a price. He took paid leave for three years because he wanted to pursue higher studies!! After rejoining, he again took unpaid leave for one and a half years and finally had to pay a fine. He could have continued in social service. His quitting that and taking up of politics came up with a huge price. He lost the support of the real hero, Anna Hazare. His quitting the job of chief minister also came for a price. Criticism, which otherwise would have been praise. By the way, he could not even score a half century. He quit in a record 49 days. Now, he wants to be the Prime Minister of the country. This aspiration of someone who keeps a kilometer distance from responsibility and always runs away from it comes at what price?